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The collapsing kingdom: The witch

continued from: http://disorderlyhappiness.com/2013/04/03/the-collapsing-kingdom/

"The witch no. 1" lithograph

“The witch no. 1” lithograph (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The witch wasn’t always a witch, when she was young in fact she wanted to be a princess. She could have been too as her father was a from the royal court but that direction changed for her when it was noticed that she had the gift.

It was when she was just able to speak that she spoke to no one in particular. She would even giggle as if someone was telling her something funny when no one was even there. Her father believed it would pass so he took little notice of it, but it was when she started seeing into the future that others began to notice.

Once for example she told her father she would never see him again, and from that day she never did. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to see him, because at the time she did, but she just said it without knowing why. That day her father dismissed it and told her not to worry because he wasn’t going anywhere but soon after a guard came into their house and took her. All she remembers was her father’s screams and how everything went black.

From that day on she knew that weakness existed in a soft human heart. Her heart was no longer soft and so she would never again have to feel the pain that was forced upon her at such an early age. The witch saw her strength in hardness and although she inflicted countless years of pain upon other innocent children like herself, and like she had to endure, it was for their own good.

The witch instructed the children who had been stolen from the village to prepare the gold. The gold was the lure that the villagers would mistake for their freedom. Whenever the villagers would come close to finding the real workings of the kingdom by digging into the ground beneath them, they needed to be distracted.

If it was gold they wanted it was gold they would get, but there would be no gold found on account of their own will. They ought to know that riches and power never come directly to them of their own making, it will only be given to them in measures from those who know how to use the greater power. The measures will only be that which is deemed fitting from an appointed benefactor, never an ounce more.

The truth was, the witch despised every person in the kingdom for their stupidity and those who did manage to have more than others where little more than the witch’s favoured pigeons that get thrown a few more breadcrumbs at her whim.

“Pigeons at least know their place…”, said the witch to herself.

to be continued