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An anthropomorphic God?

Common to all these types is the anthropomorphic character of their conception of God. In general, only individuals of exceptional endowments, and exceptionally high-minded communities, rise to any considerable extent above this level. But there is a third stage of religious experience which belongs to all of them, even though it is rarely found in a pure form: I shall call it cosmic religious feeling. It is very difficult to elucidate this feeling to anyone who is entirely without it, especially as there is no anthropomorphic conception of God corresponding to it

– Albert Einstein<

Any religion or person that describes the nature of God based on our own human qualities has an anthropomorphic perspective.

Some religions for example view God as punishing and this fits as it aligns with many people’s upbringings and hence how they regard authority generally.

Others say God doesn’t have qualities, is only an infinite potential and is more like an energy than a being. Some are attracted to this because their parents were emotionally absent, so its easier to digest a position absent of God.

Both of these are anthropomorphic views of divinity, not simply because they are a human view of God but because we humans only want the view that doesn’t challenge us emotionally.

What is it in us that causes us disregard certain things and accept other things when seeking to know the nature of God?