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What’s all this about?

The guys at 3 Minute Angels (3MA for short) sometime time ago took an interest in corporate happiness. When I look at the average office worker (like myself, so I should know) often mentally stretched between tasks: the emails that need replying to, things to organise, deadlines to complete and possibly counting down the days before the weekend – its clear some type of reprieve would at least be appreciated. All this mental tension does have the nasty affect of stiffening the body, so the basic formula of the corporate massage is to alleviate this through massage.

The unique thing about 3MA’s Halo Massage is it encourages people to chat, laugh or maybe just let off some verbal steam by not having their face pressed down on a massage chair. With the Halo Massage happening right there in the office space, the general atmosphere and dynamic becomes uplifted. So the guys at 3MA with guidance of The Happiness Institute looked at extending this through use of positive affirmations and documenting the process to happiness (or the state of being happier). For one, employers know that their money is being well spent, but more importantly it gives the individual tangible evidence that his / her general state of being is transforming (for the better).

So with 3MA supporting the idea that happiness is achievable through practical steps, they could see the potential in a blog that explores this idea from a personal perspective.

So will I be getting free Halo Massages everyday? No (but I’m crossing my fingers). Will I be using the The Happiness In Action Cards and the Choose Scale? No, but I will be digesting some positive psychology upheld by The Happiness Institute and writing about it here. Does this work? Yes or maybe no – this is just a part of a journey that is documented here, so I’ll let you decide that as time goes on.