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Not responsible, dependant and closed-minded

This is brilliant, I don’t need to say more but this is the sort of school I would have absolutely thrived in, who wouldn’t, really? I’ve been student and I’ve been a teacher and school is really not at all optimised for learning the way that human beings learn. If that’s so fundamentally clear… then we have to ask ourselves why are we fighting with an education system that is so far removed from honouring our children, honouring life and honouring real learning?

I mean, rote learning, sitting on a desk and repetitively copying and memorising from the black board, or even computer screens, doesn’t matter, come on! Does anyone know any person who is an expert in anything that got that way from doing disconnected mindless memorisation tasks? People learn when they need to solve a problem that directly relates to them, or when they are inspired and passionate about something. This is how we become self responsible and independent free thinking people. The alternative… well the opposite is – not responsible, dependant and close minded. Doesn’t sound very beneficial, does it?

I loved many things about teaching, I loved helping kids make music and art and seeing them interested and passionate about something… but as a student and then again as a teacher I hated the school system from pretty much the day I entered into it. Funny that!

Just watch. I guess I’ll be writing something about this in the near future, but for now suggest looking at this. Thanks to Melinda, who sent me this info… Awesome!! (contact her here: https://www.facebook.com/SudburySchoolInSydney)

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