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My last post before the end of the world

English: Yo!, thats the guy who's gonna change...

English: Yo!, thats the guy who’s gonna change the world (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The world today is rife with tragedy, but in places that are relatively free from ongoing and direct exposure to this, we go about mostly turning a blind eye. Its not that we are always ill meaning, we’re often just so immersed in our lives of making ends meet, of meeting all our obligations, of maintaining and creating the life most of us set into motion so many years ago. We don’t often even have the time and space to question – why?

It’s not that we don’t want to, often its too hard to answer anyway and we get distracted by so many things seeking and wanting of our attention. For lack of a concrete answer to the question why, all those things that consume us feels somehow more real, feels at least graspable compared to the unanswerable and intangible question of why.

There are many whys we don’t often like to ask ourselves. Like why are we the only animals in the world that must earn and spend to live? Why is it we’d rather lie to ourselves and others about how we feel rather than speak openly and live freely? Why can’t we be ourselves completely and not live a lie even for one day? Why is it we’d prefer instead to sacrifice every day of our life to compromising ourselves and living according others half baked truths? Why is it we’re afraid of dying but at the same time we live by our fears everyday of our lives as if we are already dead? Why do we knowingly partake as a human race in a system and way of living that is essentially counterproductive to life and our own best interests? Why is it we sacrifice love for security? Why is it we prefer the cages of our security than real freedom to live according to our hearts desires? Why do we prefer to blame dismiss and ridicule anything that challenges us to take on new concepts of truth? Why are we so reluctant to seriously investigate everything we come across that seeks for us to change our views or change our lives? Why is it that most of us actually prefer to stay ignorant of these and many more things, when truth is the very thing that literally sets us free?

These are not easy questions because if we are sincere with ourselves, they take us to a lot of the pain we carry inside that causes us to not want to seriously address such things to begin with. These are the deep pains that we’d rather ignore and we’d rather tell ourselves there’s nothing to gain bringing any of this up to the surface.

Again that is just something we tell ourselves. These stories are what we tell ourselves to lull us back to sleep, a state of not being awake enough to see ourselves as we truly are. Our stories are like lullabies for adults, a phrase that describes this condition well.

The problem though with being asleep is things happen around us while we remain ignorant. It’s like we leave our house wide open and just fall asleep because its too uncomfortable to watch the thieves rummaging through our stuff and stealing our all of our prized possessions. This is no method to stop theft!

It’s even worse than this analogy because we do this with our own lives and we demonstrate and so teach these things to children to absorb – we and they are far more precious than any possession we have or wish to have. What use is there for having any possession next to us while we’re dead?

But that’s just what the life we aspire for is about, surrounding ourselves with dead things, dead people, and living in a dead way while waiting for death. It might sound harsh, but that’s exactly what we’re buying into. The whole legal system actually deals with corpses (corporations, legal person straw-man etc.). If you look into it a bit the law is not about the real living and breathing beings that we all are, its about death and that really just an interesting real life metaphor, this legal system that we ourselves constructed.

Another construction we have is this end of the world 2012 thing. Apparently at 10:49am GMT tomorrow 21/ 12 / 2012 it’s the time we and our galaxy move past the ecliptic, and the sun lines up with a bunch of other suns, which apparently occurred some five thousand years ago as well, and did something like shift the earth’s spin to the way it is today. I don’t know about that, all I can reflect on is what’s here and now and what I can see. I cant of course reflect on what I can’t see, and I can see now that I’m here and now alive and attempting at least to be totally honest with you.

What I can see is that a lot of us are suffering in this world and it is in my honest opinion, that its completely unnecessary suffering, which ever way you tell me the world spins. This unnecessary suffering goes on and gets perpetuated while we sleep, while our lives like our environment get strip mined, stolen and left in ruin. We let tragedy after tragedy happen and we tell ourselves stories to make us feel better but all its doing in the end is helping us stay asleep.

But then there comes a time for many of us when tragedy strikes to the point that we cant ignore it anymore. Sometimes we just cant become paralysed with fear and say or do nothing. And sometimes living in the state of numbness and compliance, just cant work for us any further either. Sometimes the things we face are just too close to home to ignore and we can’t not open our eyes from our deep slumber.

If 2012 is about anything, Id say let it be about opening our eyes.

There are many terrible realities that are no longer far from home anymore and at some point will begin to affect many of us to the extent that we can’t not want to change. The thing with change though, is its only a concrete change when it starts from our hearts. When that happens we can’t not want to change things around us too. But to change from our hearts, we have to start letting our hearts open. A dead heart, a heart of stone creates death and dead things, but a live heart, a heart of flesh to use Jesus’ analogy, creates life. Not only is life created in us, we then are impelled to actively promote life in the world around us and that is how we know that our hearts are changing, and that our hearts are growing when those around us are impelled to grow too.

Sometimes I find it difficult to talk about God, I occasionally force God into the stuff I write about. It’s hard for me because God is still sometimes a distant and fleeting feeling for me. It’s not because I feel that God himself is distant or fleeting, but I often feel I’d want to rather do things myself, and do them my way, so I choose not to have God with me.

Yet those few and fleeting times I’ve allowed myself to be open to God, God came in an instant and I can say that I felt God to be the most sincere giver of gifts I have to date ever felt and experienced. There’s no selfish motive, there’s nothing out of need, there’s nothing expected. But there is love and there is truth from God and there’s oceans of it. I suppose for me, it’s because it’s so far from my life experience that I only let the ocean drip… drip slowly one drop at a time but its actually incredible the change a few drops has made in me. Sometimes I honesty see myself as a different person than the one I was only a year or so ago. The same person but different, as if more open from the inside. It’s kind of hard to explain.

My point is I believe from my own experience that the smallest of openings we have for God changes us quite dramatically and these changes occur from the inside outwards. No doubt, we can make changes even without God but changes nevertheless from within is exactly what is needed to sincerely change ourselves and the world. It’s just faster and more profound with our Creator’s helping hand.

Anyway, my feeling is the most threatening thing to the systems of control we live under right now or more importantly the people behind these, are the changes we make from within. These are the type of changes that start us seeking truth, both internally and externally and then spread and or act on this. The profound effect one person such as
people like Gandhi, or Martin Luther King for example, those who seek and share the truth found in their own unique way is enormous. These are just a couple of people, so imagine 5 or 10 people doing similar things in their own unique ways and having a similar effect.

We might be taking small numbers but even small numbers have a huge and unpredictable impact and so its a very real threat to those who would rather have the world stay in a place of fear. Think about the power of just one man being utterly true to his calling and open to God a couple of thousand years back. We are still feeling the effects of Jesus’s message of love and path to God now, irrespective of how much twisting the message got on the way.

So its no wonder that those running the power structures literally seeks for everyone to be either docile or petrified and it seems those that want this will go to any lengths to achieve that.

However, all we have to do is be completely our true and unique selves and because that’s just what any loving parent would want for a child, imagine what allowing God to be a part of our lives would do to transform us? Overall I believe the capability of each one individual is world changing and far far beyond what we can even imagine it to be. So lets not just imagine it anymore.