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A god of man, for man and by man

creation of man

creation of man (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have been listening to “Servant king” by a guy called Marcus. That’s actually all I know of Marcus that he’s called Marcus and looks at the law in a very different way than what I’ve heard before. Anyway, I’ve not heard a good explanation as Marcus gives of that old mystery of what 666 means – which is the number stamped on the head and the right hand of everyone who worships the beast in the Book of Revelations.

Probably a good time for some disclaimers in case I’m putting you off. First of all I don’t believe there’s some beast called the devil or Satan who was made by God to tempt mankind. Wouldn’t be much of a good God creating such a beast just to tempt us. So for me, that wouldn’t make much sense and if you feel God is loving, which I do, it’s clearly nonsense.

Secondly in Revelations everyone had to worship the beast in order to buy and sell anything. Sort of like worshiping money which I reckon we’re all familiar with as an idea. It sounds anti money and maybe anti society given money makes things go around in society. But I don’t view money as being bad or good or anything, money is just a tool and like all tools we can use it for good and bad purposes. Anyway just wanted to cover that I feel there’s nothing wrong with money per se.

So back to 666. In Revelations John (the author of Revelations) says that this number of the beast is also man’s number. So there’s a connection this beast has to man.

The first connection is simple enough. If man is worshiping this beast, then you could say that this beast is man’s god. In other words a god of man.

The number of the beast is 666 by William Blake.

The number of the beast is 666 by William Blake. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If we go back to how with this beast around we can buy and sell things. Buying and selling means we can earn a living, buy or rent a place to live in, buy food to eat etc. It sounds like this beast is just a way we participate in society, have a government and all that. Doesn’t sound so bad. Seems to say that this beast has some sort of utility, a god of utility or in other words a god for man.

Next if we go back to what I said earlier, if you, like me believe God, the one who created us and the universe and everything else is a loving God, then such a God wouldn’t require worship of us and wouldn’t make us dependant on some beast for us to do things. As well, if you believe that this beast is a devil and that God made this devil / beast just to tempt us and draw us into hell, then we’re not talking about a loving God anymore either. So a loving God wouldn’t create this beast, only we ourselves could have created this beast and make this beast our god. In other words a god by man.

The idea that there’s this mark of the beast on our foreheads points to there being something on our heads or in other words in our minds. Also the mark is on our right hand. It sounds like something we hold and that we do something with, or in other words our actions. So this mark is saying really what we think and do. We must have to all think and do this for this beast of a god to be in existence.

Book of Genesis, Ningpo Bible.

Book of Genesis, Ningpo Bible. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now back to man, what is man’s number. If you go back to the Book of Genesis it says that man was created on the sixth day. God finished everything on the seventh day. So if we want to put numbers to that we’d say the number of man is 6 and then the number of everything complete, or in other words in totality is 7. So the number of God is 7. All this of course is just a way to interpret what John was likely saying and that the source he was most likely drawing on was the Bible.

So going back to above we (man), have created our own god for our own purposes and it’s one we generally worship rather than the loving God who made us. So this god is of man, for man and by man – man, man, man or said with a number instead: 666. Kind of sounds much more straightforward and less esoteric.

He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name. This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man’s number. His number is 666.

God the Father 16

God the Father 16 (Photo credit: Waiting For The Word)

So the beast is a creation of man and because we can’t create like God in a substantial way such as creating things with life, we create with imagination things which don’t have life, in other words we create fiction or we create dead things. So this god / beast we create is just a fiction. Now given we view this fiction as a god, we’ve basically placed ourselves under this god who authorises us to do things and do so with a fictional view of who we are too. So we’re no longer in our minds a son or daughter of the real God (the one with a capital “G”), we imagine we are sons and daughters of a god of our own making.

So what exactly is this god of our own making?

Well it’s not money, not society, not government or the legal system. It’s all connected to those things but generally it appears to be just man without God. When we don’t have God, we have no structure to live by, no rules, no guidelines, no sense of what’s right and wrong. Such things are just relative – so we basically become a law onto ourselves. Only issue with that is it’s difficult to get by when there’s no standard. So what we end up doing is creating a semblance of a standard to live by. We end up, in the absence of God, creating a fictional god by necessity, by lack of us having a connection to the real God. We do have some way to make rules and stuff if we use the golden rule in the absence of God, and would make sense God would give us tools to live by if we decided we didn’t want God around but that’s another post altogether.

Anyway, with this new fictional god in place, it seems we have to assume a fictional relationship with it. So we put ourselves under the authority of this fiction. We do that by pretending we are in this fiction very much like Alice was pretending she was in Wonderland. We end up then having to play a part, to act like we are actors in a grand movie playing characters that appears in our place but are not real. While that’s happening under the authority of this fictional god we become like sons and daughters of this god who gives us orders we have to follow, rights and obligations we have to abide by or else.


matrix_ver5 (Photo credit: Michael Heilemann)

It’s very much like that when we consider our relationship to our various nationalities, which are really just fictional borders we call nations and countries with all sorts of rules we should abide by – again or else. As sons and daughters of this fictional god we have to give ourselves false personas – a way to identify ourselves for others who are also playing this fictional game. These are things like the name on our birth certificate, driver’s licence, passport etc. It’s very Matrix-like.

So the fictional god we worship gives us one identification per son (or per daughter). This apparently is the meaning of person, it’s in other words a false identification we have to assume. So my passport or my driver’s licence is not me. Interestingly too, in most of our legal proceeding today we have to “appear in court in person”. So we don’t come just being who we are, we can only appear as who we are or in other words we stand in the appearance of ourselves. We don’t stand as ourselves but as appearance only.

This all puts a new spin on the story of Adam and Eve turning away from God too, as if the start of this crazy stuff went back to the beginning where we decided we could do it without God. Some really interesting stuff (well for me anyway).

Back to another part in the Book of Revelations which is interesting is when we talk about the Christ. The Christ comes into the story and slays the beast and slays all the people worshiping this beast. This Christ character seems to be really bloodthirsty but if we take the view above (which Marcus made and I sort of paraphrased), Christ is just slaying the fiction. He slays the fictional god and fictional man and the whole house of cards comes crashing down (like in Alice in Wonderland). Well that’s sounds just fine now.

[365 Toy Project: 166/365] The Dragon Rider

[365 Toy Project: 166/365] The Dragon Rider (Photo credit: nhussein)

He also has a sword that does all this slaying that comes out of his mouth. It’s rather grotesque if you take it literally, but it’s mentioned many times elsewhere in the bible that Christ has a sword of truth. A truth from his mouth – i.e. truthful words. So it’s truth that slays the beast and all the fictional persons. That’s alright with me too 🙂

Now if Christ is the one with God (the real one), who is at one with God as I’ve learnt listening to AJ (divinetruth.com), then Christ could be Jesus or potentially anyone who is at one with God too slaying fiction with truth. If we are either with God (in totality all the time), or not (like me, most of the time tinkering on the fence), then the anti-Christ could also be anyone of us too, or most of us including me (bummer).

There’s helps more I’ve been joining the dots to since listening to this stuff, but I reckon this post has gone way out of hand already. Seriously I just wanted to write a paragraph at most but I couldn’t help write on and on and on 🙂 Hopefully it wasn’t too boring and religious…

Servant King: http://www.servantking.info