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A conversation about desires, music and life

I’m a little confused with the idea that we desire to create things but if it’s true we have everything we need with God, why create? Like what would a person who is constantly receiving God’s love desire to create?

There’s a couple of questions here, and I feel addressing the last one will help understand the previous one much better. What you’re asking about is basically what type of desires a person in harmony with God all the time has. That can’t actually be answered easily because there’s so many types of desires that are in harmony with God’s love and truth that not even all the things man has ever written comes sufficiently close to describing this. You see, as we grow in love our desires grow too, in fact they appear to grow exponentially. So a person who has very little love wouldn’t have a lot of desires compared to another with just a little more love. But for the majority of us, we’d only be able to observe what another person desires on the surface, so be careful not to rate a person’s love based upon this or really any other intellectual tool. This tendency we have to want to rate others is something worth discussing in more detail a little later on so we remain on the the topic. It’s important though because many of us go down that path and do a fair bit of damage really.

But back on the topic, what we’re talking about with desires is not so much the scale but the scope, or in other words not the volume but the range of desires present. What fear does, which is the emotion that constricts our capacity to give and receive love, is it focuses a person’s desire upon only a small aspect, or reduced range and devotes all it’s dwindling energy there. What love does instead is it not only increases our range and depth of our desires but increases the energy we have to be able to fulfil them all. Imagine then if this is what can be done just with the potential for love we have within us, what’s called our natural love, can you imagine what happens when the love from God that is infinite enters our hearts also?

Our range and volume of our desires increases too, more than what we could manage on our own?

Yes but not just that, all our desires begin to fall into more harmony with God’s and also into harmony with all of God’s creations and never by suppressing our personal desires, which is what fear will do, what happens with God’s love entering us is our own sensitivity to our own personal desires becomes much more acute. It becomes substantially more acute than would ever be possible without receiving God’s love into our hearts. This happens because we begin to see much more clearly how God sees us when we allow God into our hearts and because God made us, we begin to understand God’s intentions and this is very connected to knowing our true desires. When this occurs, when we start to see our true desires more clearly, we not only have desires harmonious with God and all of God’s creations but we start to express each of our personal desires much more directly and these actually become more unique as we do that.

So there’s no contradiction happening?

Well no, and we already have examples of with our own creations on earth and God’s creations even more so. When we hear a band play for example, when all the musicians are playing in harmony, not just in tune but emotionally connected, what happens is the music appears to lift as a single piece, and it’s as if the music has a life of its own and so it’s completely different to what it would sound and feel like if the musicians played separately and brought the sounds together afterwards. We can also see in our environment how the abundance of life works in complete harmony with every other life form and when we understand our environment, we can see that nothing in nature contradicts this but rather enhances and essentially comes to life when every unique quality is able to be fully expressed. When that occurs it will always be done in complete harmony with everything around it.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this happening.

We’ll actually not many have, because in it’s purest form on earth it happens in places least influenced or fashioned by us. When we see the teeming of life on every square inch of our oldest rainforests or untouched reef systems, where we see life thrive in uninhabitable environments deep near our ocean floors or deep underground, life is expressed in uncountable ways and it does so not in contradiction but actually in support of a variety of life.

So the closer we get to God the more our desires replicate what we see in nature?

In many ways they do, because what we see in a nature is not things that inhibit life but instead we see things that only support and make life flourish. We often create things due to our feelings of lack and these things don’t really support life, they’re often made despite life. Much of our soul based desires are infused with this feeling and so what we often create are things to bridge these gaps.

So we make stuff that bridges gaps in ourselves?

Yes, we do that often because our soul has desires, desires that we believe we don’t have the capacity in ourselves to completely fulfil. Lets say we have a desire to create music for instance and to do that we often feel we need musical instruments to make the music we want, so the instruments we make act like bridges taking us from where we can’t make the music we’d like, towards a place closer to where that’s now possible. We do this because we come from this feeling that we lack a certain quality or ability without the aid of instruments and this is actually the same with all of our current technologies and devices.

What many of us don’t realise though, say in terms of music for instance is that everything around us, everything already available in nature to be more specific, is a potential instrument of music. So we’re able to conduct music in a way where we can have orchestras of animals and plants directly responding to us via our feelings and so we’re creating the music we desire with the life that already surrounds us and we don’t need to have instruments for that. What’s also a little known truth is that just placing ourselves in the environment of a dense rainforest for instance, automatically puts us in the conductor seat because our whole environment is already reflecting our emotions and so all the animals and plants respond accordingly.

If you ever get the chance, I sincerely recommend you take a moment in a location where there’s a lot of plants and animals and just listen, because what you’ll be listening to is actually a reflection of your particular emotions acting on the natural orchestra of instruments that surrounds you. And while you open yourself to feeling that, you’re able to learn and feel much about yourself and in fact your relationship with God. Along with learning to play guitar and sing better, which is what you’re doing now and that’s a very good thing by the way, you can also over time learn and then develop creating music in a live environment, if that interests you, and what that can actually lift all the life that is involved with this, in the similar way to how a piece of music comes to life when all the musician are connected emotionally and lifts all those involved.

So is this how spirits in higher realms make music, I mean they don’t sit around with golden harps and the like?

We’ll you wouldn’t see me doing that! To be honest though, there’s actually a whole manner of instruments in the spirit world too, much more so than on earth, but it actually depends on where we are talking about in the spirit world because at a certain point of development in love, instruments aren’t really necessary because we come to see that music and our emotions are inseparable. Hearing is really just a fraction of our potential sensory experience, so a fraction of our expression is made just with music. But having said that, music is really an ongoing part of our lives, in a similar way that breathing is to us while living on earth.

So you make music all the time?

Yes all the time and often music and art is made with others, in a similar way you’d have a conversation on earth, it’s difficult to imagine but what happens are bands or even orchestras of people naturally and what you’d call spontaneously come together and create pieces that express and fulfil all of our soul desires and sensations, and it is a very emotional and uplifting experience, it is in fact how we celebrate God. When this happens, and in truth anywhere this sort of thing happens, life is enhanced more and more, literally speaking. Why that is, is because it is a true expression of love, and love promotes and grows life, and this is why we more often than not seek to bring life to the darkest places in the spirit world, where to many who’d view such places, life appears entirely absent.

Is this one way people help others in these locations?

Sometimes it is the primary way, and it is also the way of God’s love to bring love to where love is abandoned but God never does this with force mind you, and that is why a person close to God wont seek to persuade others to see as they see, or you won’t either find such a person lecturing when not wanted or asked for by others, instead, when others don’t want to know about God or love, we simply serve others as a gift in a way that brings life and love to them. Because when we truly see that love itself is the most powerful force available, we no longer want to nor find it any longer necessary to force anything on anyone. This is why God never forces her love on us, but God rather continually creates life to soften us, inspires us, and evoke our true desires and feelings. And this is actually the only way anyone really begins to grow.