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The elephants at the fence

English: The eye of an asian elephant at Eleph...

English: The eye of an asian elephant at Elephant Nature Park, Thailand Deutsch: Das Auge eines indischen Elefanten im Elephant Nature Park, Thailand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The elephant cub was held by a rope, it couldn’t escape. It grew and became an adult capable of breaking it’s bonds at any time. It’s captor untied it’s rope and said “go now you are free”.

Soon the elephant went to all the other elephants tied to a rope and told them the story of it’s benevolent captor. After a while all the elephants knowing now they were bonded, asked to be freed by the hands of their benevolent captor. The captor freed each elephant that asked.

One day, some of the elephants walked to the outskirts of their newly found free territory and came across a fence their captor had made. They might have broken through this fence, but none knew the power a grown elephant had inside itself, so they turned around and went back believing they couldn’t walk on any further.