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Is Bill Loyer Jim Morrison?

I don’t know about this one, but for some reason it sparked my interest. Could be that the movie “Eddie and the Cruisers” stuck in my child’s head. It was about a singer in a band that faked his own death.

I’m rushing now to get off work, so this one’s going to be a quick post…

So, there’s a guy who lives in Oregon called Bill Loyer and he doesn’t really look like Jim Morrison, who was the singer of The Doors, if you don’t know. Now Bill Loyer has been pinned as being Jim Morrison, who then if that’s true, didn’t die but changed his name and became a cowboy. Jim died at the age of 27, but it was under some weird circumstances, so this idea about it being a fake death has been going around for a while.

Now, who knows, and who really cares. I suppose I must, probably it was because I was just recently listening to some Doors music and had read an article about how the 60s 70s music was infiltrated with a counter intelligence program by the FBI. This then led me to reading about the above and wondering about it’s authenticity.

So being a visual person job wise, I stuck the 2 photos in an online face morphing program to see if it makes some kind of sense that Jim would age into Bill.

Below’s the result….


Possible or not? I’m still not sure, we’ll not convinced anyway, but I guess the possibility is as open as it was before. Nothing gained then 🙂

But it got me thinking about something else. The underlying interest for me is how we human being perpetuate and are perpetuated by our own myths. If Bill was Jim, it kind of kills the myth of Jim Morrison.

Not many people would want to kill a myth, do you get my point? Doesn’t matter either way if Bill Loyer is Jim Morrison, because Bill makes Jim seem human somehow, and just like we make our stars (not the one’s in the sky, the ones on the screen), non-human-like, the stuff that breaks this pretence, especially if we’re invested somehow in the pretence, won’t be welcomed.

There’s a reason for all this making others into caricatures of ourselves, it’s nothing new what I’m saying, the idea that we project our unfulfilled hopes and dreams onto others, because it even gives us a sense that it’s more reachable (because we don’t believe it’s in our own grasp)… but it’s just something I was reflecting on.

Now in addition, I’m now waiting for a train, I’ve got a hunch that we’ve been creating myths from the very time we started losing our own capabilities. You know the only using 10% of our brain da de da… The point is the more we lost of ourselves the more myth creation we construct to compensate for it. I’m going to say then all our gods, our angels, devils, UFOs, heroes, archetypes – ancient and modern fall into this category. So our myths rather than being these fantastic pedestals of the human condition are more like signs that point to our crutches we’re using to forget we’re limping. I know that last sentence was a bit wanky, anyway, you might get my point.