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Advert of our neurosis

I wonder about advertising. I don’t know but to me it’s always going to be an anti ad. If we need to convince people about anything then doesn’t that just say we ourselves aren’t entirely convinced? What I’m getting at is this, if I create something that’s just so great that its going to make everyone’s life better because of it, it would by default just advertise itself, no need for my input.

Say I made a device that would just send out and receive data via radio waves or something similar. I’d start using it myself, I send files from work to home without having to go through any 3rd party infrastructure rental (which is what we all do connecting to the internet). If it worked, I’d make another one, give it to my family or friends and soon enough it would kind of be used by a lot of people. Unless I got all greedy and patented the idea, so I was the one who was going to benefit, not you, not humanity. No no! Just me, me me me me me!!

Oh then I’d be advertising, I’d need to convince others to give me money because that’s what I wanted, I wanted to be valued for my creation, my creation. Did I create radio waves? No. Can’t patent that, no… But it’s my idea!!

Oh, but wasn’t I inspired by something, someone, can I really claim ownership? No.

So that’s the story behind all our advertising, we kind of are advertising our individual or collective neurosis when you break it down. And we’re asking others to pay for that? And we’re paying?

Silly isn’t it.