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We’re scared to rage at God so we call him Satan

Instead of writing posts here, I sometimes comment on other peoples stuff on Facebook and blogs etc. Here’s one today about the topic that’s interested me a lot lately – the connection between God and Satan, Lucifer and Jesus / Magdalene. You might notice I don’t really enjoy writing in a way that adds references to everything I’m talking about. It’s I’m sure good practice, but it’s tedious and if I feel it’s tedious then more than likely reading it will be tedious too. Anyway, that’s getting tedious. Here’s the comment I wrote today with additions for clarity on Umbra Solis’ post about Cain.

I personally have never understood the traditional idea that a creator, creates a being (Satan) that plays havoc on the rest of his creation and because of that this being and whoever follows will be condemned / damned etc.

In my opinion it’s the other way around. Because we don’t understand our own creator, we conceived the idea of an evil influence because we preferred this than taking responsibility for the painful effects of our own actions (individually and collectively). Because we were afraid to say that this evil influence comes from God (fear of God), which is what we really believed, we instead built a concept that it was another higher being (another God) and put the responsibility on that being; because as I said we didn’t want to take the responsibility ourselves – that we were actually the cause of our own suffering. So all the attributes of Satan are really a product of our misconception of who God really is.

An example might be that as a result of the ongoing major earth changes that destroyed civilizations before us (which will likely happen again soon enough), we blamed this on the female side of God, because we have always equated nature and it’s nurturing role with the feminine. So with nature “attacking” us we formed this error belief that this was the cause of our suffering etc. So being unable to conceive of the idea that God did this to us and not being able to blame God (as we believed this would cause us even more suffering), we created this idea of Satan to rage at God. So Satan is really a collection of all our rage we have at God, especially the aspects of God that we felt un-nurtured by (the feminine). But what we failed to recognise or more to the fact, what we didn’t want to recognise was that we felt incapable, and as we strengthened this error belief about ourselves, we increasingly lost the capability to nurture ourselves.

In my opinion the causal emotional condition that started all this is not indifferent to what we experience today. Imagine, we as children have a very early feeling of being incapable of making our parents love us fully (and accordingly be nurturing to us fully) and because expressing the grief of that fact exposes our parent’s failings, our parents teach us that it is instead our own failing that we feel and express this. Because it is now our failing, our parents are able to justify even more unloving behavior as a punishment for having and expressing feelings that our parents don’t like. All the while it is a result of our parents not wanting to feel like incapable parents, which deep down they already do because they have the same emotional injury that they begin creating in us. Imagine this occurring generation after generation for a long long time. If you consider the dictum that we are what we believe, it’s clear to see how accumulating and strengthening the feelings of being incapable over generations has imposed many self-limiting conditions on our own capabilities.

So while we lost abilities that would have aided our ancestors of fallen civilizations like being able to sense our environment to know where harm is and avoid harm when required for example (we call it a “sixth sense”), we then believed we had to be more and more independent or self-reliant because we couldn’t rely on nature or God to nurture us. So the more self-reliant we became, the more separated we also became from our own natural capabilities. And thus the more we’ve required external means (technology) for example to replicate what we previously could do without it – we still don’t know how ancient civilizations moved big rocks around willy nilly….

Here’s an interesting connection – ancient stonemasons > masons > Freemasons

I could go on cause really love this subject but got to run!