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She growls this angel


It’s rather late at night and I’ve got an urge to write a few lines. Not sure what about just yet, will see where this goes.

My little girl, Hala is an angel, she is, a true one in every way – but she does growl at strange old ladies that come up to her randomly, screeching “oh look at you, so cute, what’s your name, little girl…” Good on her, very much encouraged from me a growl or two when required. You know if someone came up to me, speaking to me like I can’t comprehend English, and so spoke to me like they would a puppy, I’d growl too. Oh and Hala’s 3 years old and very smart and intuitive.

What’s the acceptable behaviour for such approaches? Yes yes they mean well these overbearing personal space intruding tuck shop ladies, or do they? No I would bet otherwise… There’s the big expectation that “this little girl I don’t know on the street that I’m treating like a sub-intelligence porcelain doll I’d like to keep in my lounge room cabinet if only I could” whose “parent I see standing beside her who doesn’t deserve my respect enough to ask my permission for my intrusion either” will act just like “the cute puppy dog role I’m presenting projecting on her”…

Why should she, again?

Oh yes because you demand respect while treating those around you without respect. Yes of course that’s ethical, oh of course that makes sense. Yes you have a right to be furious, yes how dare anyone make you feel unwanted when you launch yourself at others without invitation. Yes yes, of course others require your respect just because you’re in a ripe old, we all should know that gives you licence to do whatever suits you…

I told you she’s intuitive, she knew just what to do. Growl 🙂