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Fear is like an ice cube

Fear is like an ice-cube. It holds what in its natural state flows and moves, so in this sense it is artificial. And as with all things that are artificial when confronted with what is real they can not remain. Love is real and when the warmth of love is the envelope that surrounds the frozen aspects of ourselves, these melt away and soon enough evaporate. When fear remains, fear manufactures a world of artificiality, like scaffolding without a building, like a facade without substance. We cannot live within scaffolding alone, as we cannot sustain ourselves with food without nourishment.

The thing with fear is that it will only remain when it is hidden and love is the spotlight on fear wherever it may hide. Love brings fear into harmony with the light of love. So when we conceive of the operation of love upon fear, we then have a means to comprehend how God’s Love transforms us.

God’s love for each of us has what can only be described as infinitely more capable of transforming our soul than any other type of love that may be experienced.

The world at present is a world build with the scaffolding of fear and as you have understood, such scaffolding can only be built to fall away and because God’s love is ever-present, it is destined to fall.

So, the world may feel indeed like it is falling around you and everything you hold on to will a some point no longer be. When this occurs your fear will have no place to hide and so what remains of it will be in the spotlight. This may at some point give you the sense that you are not loved by God but understand this was what you have always felt inside of yourself and when the reality of that becomes directly confronted, the ice-cube of fear will melt and transpire. At such a point the opportunity to be transformed by God’s Love will be as close to you as the tip of a needle is to its end. In fact that point has never left you.

God is with you and loves you far beyond even your imagination could conceive.

Your friend, James