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An antidote for NSA’s PRISM


Trust (Photo credit: elycefeliz)

I feel that sharing, openness and transparency despite surveillance on us, like Prism etc. is what essentially de-powers such things. If we’re already completely transparent, who’d care if we’re being spied on? This might be oversimplifying it, but see it as a simple formula – the degree we are willing to be transparent = the degree of which our sharing is authentic = the degree of which we are willing to be vulnerable = the degree of which others will trust us = the degree of which we are actually trustworthy and = the degree of which we are willing to be ourselves despite being afraid to do / be so. This also equals the capacity we have to be full and happy individuals too in my opinion.

When it comes to sharing I feel the intention makes all the difference. Real sharing I reckon creates exchange by default but when that’s the intention (an exchange), we start hitting brick walls. Passion for something makes us want to share, it’s almost impossible to be passionate about something and not share it. A passion for a certain topic makes us burst at the seams, we can’t help but share it. Doing so, may or may not result in direct exchange but in reality it’s more likely to result in exchanges happening in all directions, that’s the nature of life. Perhaps the idea of direct and fair exchange results in all this being lost in translation, bartering / money etc. is all about securing fair exchange but the issue here, on the topic of trust – is these types of interactions are always based on a foundation of dis-trust. We won’t be creating instruments of trust (like money), unless we’re already suspicious and in a state of dis-trusting people around us. That’s why I feel passion is the break through cure, we might be dis-trusting and we might have a thousand reasons to be so but when we are passionate about something, we allow ourselves to share in a real sense despite all this.

Anyway, for what it’s worth, I tend to waffle on these subjects but clearly for me it’s a fascinating area worth waffling over 🙂