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Satan Claus

This one’s not a philosophical post at all. It’s about a dream I had and you can draw your own conclusions. All I remember was that I saw Santa, not the jolly Santa, a bad Santa. He was very big, solid, angry looking. Yes he wore his Christmas outfit, yes he had a long beard – it wasn’t white though, it was greyish and his gear was ripped and dirty. His skin was full of scares and old boils on his face, his eyes – sinister – much like this image, although in the dream, he looked angrier.  At that time I wasn’t quite me, but a type of Pinocchio character made from what looked like wooden blocks. I was standing outside a dark building when I saw him, I felt afraid, I felt this construction of a body could be no defence against this big evil Santa. Next thing I know, I was laid out on a table, held down with this Santa pulling me apart. There was no pain just fear. In the background there was another character watching on, he was in the darkness, was much larger and was wearing blue – it felt like he was orchestrating the whole thing. I felt he was the Devil.

Immediately I woke. I was a bit freaked out. I prayed to God, I basically said I was afraid to fall asleep. Then my two and a half year old daughter, who was still sleeping between myself and my wife held my hand. She actually reached over and grabbed it.

It’s clearly not a new idea with Santa.

Here an interesting link: http://www.av1611.org/othpubls/santa.html

And the movie: