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Why not to interpret your dreams

I often wondered why dreams are cryptic in a way that we need to decode their meaning. The truth is much simpler. Our dreams exist in an emotional landscape and not within the landscape of the intellect. Therefore our dreams speak to us via the language of our soul and in a sense a part of their purpose is for us to uncover this language – to teach us this language – to teach us to feel. So where our dreams appear cryptic is in reality, where the same emotional blocks limit our understanding of the dream’s meaning. So the only way for us to gain comprehension of our dreams is for us to feel our dreams.

In a way then interpreting them can often achieve the opposite effect. That’s why our dreams don’t come to us in an essay format. The language of our intellect is incapable of teaching us the language of our soul in the same way that a mathematical formula is incapable of teaching us to love.

In this example, a dream I wrote about here: http://disorderlyhappiness.com/2012/01/23/heres-the-scoop-on-the-satan-claus-dreams/, the meaning came to me moments after I cried about the feelings brought up in me and the connected events in my life. So I actually didn’t go down the track of interpreting it via considering the dream’s symbols, I just had no idea what it mean’t one moment, cried about some things, then the next moment it all became crystal clear.