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In the world but not of the world

I’ve not made a post here for a while and it’s got something to do with this topic, being in the world but not of it. For me, I’m of it, most of the time, I get caught up in all it’s trivialities and frivolities and that’s how I’ve mostly experienced it. I get worried someone will read this blog, read this post and judge me for instance. They might call me crazy, they might find me weird, weird that I talk about God, that I talk about how I feel and what makes me afraid, that I talk about people who I highly respect who many believe are cult leaders, that I’m brainwashed, that I’m not intellectual, not smart, easily swayed, gullible, odd, different… All these things are completely uncool too, and maybe I still want to be cool? Or maybe I just don’t feel I’ll be respected being completely open, essentially being me?

So, this world I’m talking about, this world I’m of and am afraid of at the same moment, what do we think it is? Are there two worlds or two ways to participate and be here at once? I feel it’s answered somewhat in the last paragraph – it comes done to one thing, it comes down to fear. Being in fear is being of the world not just living in it.

But before I jump ahead too much, back to this idea of “the world”, the world is a term on it’s own, it’s not the same as the earth, the big ball that floats in space and supports life, it’s something on it’s own or we wouldn’t have a separate term for it.

When I was a kid my parents and teachers would say I was “in my own world” so I must have had my “world” and they had their “world”. What this means is that “world” is something we ourselves must be creating. If we create the world then God couldn’t have created it at the same time, so the world is of man’s making, of man’s doing and man’s of responsibility. By man I mean woman too. BTW I like Barbara Kruger, the artist who did the above picture, there’s probably more to it but for now I’m going to go on with what I was saying.

If we created this “world” and it’s largely a product of fear, what exactly have we created?

Going back to fear, there’s just two things we can do with that feeling called fear. One is to avoid it, I’m afraid to say for instance that I made a mistake. People might lose respect for me, they might step all over me and I don’t want that. I’m afraid of those things too. So what I do instead is I don’t admit to my mistake, I might go further and cover it up, I might go even further and convince myself that my mistake didn’t even exist, no, I never made this mistake, I now can hold my head up high in pride, perpetuate and defend the lie and now I don’t have to feel any of those fears that started coming up.

I do that by the way, just recently in fact and well I had a series of sad argumentative nights with my wife as a result.

The other way is to feel it. That’s the simple choice but one that feels like it’s harder. Given though the amount of energy needed to take the first choice, I wonder if it is harder? Say, I just felt things and was humble the other night, it all would have been much easier and to be honest, it would have brought my wife and I closer, rather than grow further apart. I’ve got to do something about that tomorrow, practice some humility.

So on a larger scale, this world we have created as a result of us collectively living in fear is like my last couple of nights – complicated, convoluted, difficult, sad, painful and the opposite of free. The other night I let my world, the one I created with my fears rule me. As a world, we collectively have done the same thing. This “world” we have created and all the things in it we make to keep us safe – the governments, the institutions, the technologies, the belief systems, don’t actually serve us well at all. Nothing as we might have wished for. We serve them – they rule us, we serve the world.

Fear seems to do that when not felt, whatever is made or created as a result of living in fear eventually rules us, it becomes our master, our highest authority and we become its slaves.

What I find interesting is how knowing this helps me find a deeper meaning to the first 2 commandments of the 10 commandments and how I pretty much break them everyday:

Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

My god is what I create living in fear, being of the world and not just in it, I’m essentially putting what I create before the authority of God, which by default puts myself before God too. Has to be hard to have a relationship while I put my fictional god before the real God and between us…

Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them…

This is the next step of what we create and institute by fear. We engrave imaginary things (graven image). Engraving in stone takes a long while but eventually we create true a likeness of something we first imagine. Think institutions we form and that we eventually serve and give all our energy too – for example corporations, governments, religious institutions etc. etc. We create these as authorities, in the likeness of the true authority, our Creator or the likeness of something of creation (another man or woman we idolise, or what we create – an idea, a movement etc.) and we serve these while living in fear. This is how we becomes as slaves.

What if we just all decided not to act as a result of living in fear. What if we did what we are afraid of? How long would our world as it stands today persevere? Does this mean not acting on fear, instead feeling it – at that very moment we are in the world and not of it? So if we choose to be just in it and be ourselves fully, humbly and fearlessly, we would be in the world changing it from the inside and transforming it to a new world.

It’s mentioned too in the Bible that breaking the commandments, God’s laws is how we become disinherited. It’s interesting that at this point in time no person really owns property. There’s very few that have beneficial interest (receive full benefit) most at best have a legal title, which is like being a temporary holder for another who is the real owner. Real ownership at law are the beneficiaries and the legal title holders are obligated to pay them a tribute (rates / tax or else). The government gets the rates and it’s just a fictional made up thing. Try saying hello and asking how the government is feeling today. Sound’s like we’ve disinherited ourselves to a made up thing.

Inheriting God’s gifts must be the real “cool” I’m after, time to jump “of” the world.

Now having said all that one of my favourite comedians is George Carlin who has a very different take on the 10 commandments. George also has a strange likeness to Moses, of the Charles Heston variety (above) at any rate. Watch to smile.