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A lesson from Twitter

I’ve started using Twitter and according to my wife it’s far too much. Today I just hit over 2000 followers – this doesn’t actually mean too much, overall I still get the same level of engagement when I had 20. This is about a couple of those moments.

There’s a few times when talking to a random person over Twitter that something amazing happens – at least for me. I’ve had a some conversations with @IndigoHumanist , she’s witty and intelligent and is not afraid to tell me to shut up. I once pointed her to this article – I thought she would like it as the article I wrote was to my daughter and came from the heart. I believe she had a moment of closeness with her mother shortly after. At the same time, my little Hala (baby girl) was crying and I soothed her back to sleep. It’s probably meaningless to a lot of people but for me there was some sense of synchronicity right there.

Another night, I argued with my wife. Because I get frustrated by the fact I can’t provide a quick fix solution to the type of things that bother her, I sometime roll out a few clichés and this just really gets under her skin (that’s saying it in a nice way). You see, my wife is a very gifted and soulful woman and she can spot my ego surfacing from miles away.

You might know the type statements I’m talking about if you follow my tweets. For example:

“Because experience and being alive are inseparable, we are already successful”

“The single most important moment in your life? … is right now”

“Love is not a wall – it breaks down our walls”

Anyway, after some very poor attempts of consoling my wife with my life philosophies, she questioned me (more than just a question): “why don’t you just #%$# become a preacher?” then she went off to bed. I started tweeting… (as you can see I’m far from the perfect husband)

I then had a very unique tweet conversation, with @jenuinehealing who really knew nothing of my present circumstances. The fact she was so exact in what I needed to hear and appeared to understand my wife and me (better than myself) was simply astonishing.

(Tweets edited slightly from original 140 chars)

@alkhemst (me)
Should we first know the reason we desire another life over the one we are presently living?

It is different for everyone. Some people have been pulled out of a very happy life in the past and are still mourning it. It is very a deep feeling of not belonging. Some even feel it like being a ghost. It is very lonely but still a lesson in empowerment.

It really must be different for everybody – everyone is on his/ her own path and comes with their own set of unique circumstances. For me it is a privilege to witness in sessions and to assist – it is a lesson in compassion for myself and others. Because I have witnessed others pain, there is no desire for pain. There is only the desire to ease suffering and self unworthiness in others – it becomes a passion, as in my case.

…these feelings need compassion, tenderness & patience…?

Actually, from my vantage point, they need understanding of the kernal experience. With understanding they dissolve. That’s what I do.

It is because you have a great mind. Your blessing is your curse in a sense. Your mind sets up a catch 22 scenario. It wants to know what it isn’t privvy to. It’s like the computer wanting to know what the furnace knows. Something like that. You get the analogy…

I do get the analogy but I’m still learning… a couple of days later @IndigoHumanist replied to one of my tweets:

@alkhemst please cut the preaching hun, I don’t need it.