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Controlling the situation?

I really need to write more anecdotes, rather than full blown essays. Here’s the thing – I feel like there can be more done when there’s less self analysis – this might mean more typos but the advantage is more content and more free flow of ideas. So the idea today, which I also wrote about here, is that positive thinking might not be so positive after all. Why, because it’s the basic push / pull mechanism, or the shadow effect – the more prominent a spotlight the darker contrast it has on the shadow created.

So what this could me in the corporate world an awareness of the downside of peeping up the atmosphere, may result in a backlash.
Simple example – I get my team extremely excited and enthusiastic about an up and coming project… When the momentum begins to drop and the project gets caught in red tap – I can either do another hype up meeting and do this again and again hoping the motivation will remain – but run the risk of losing credibility. Or just stay neutral letting the course of the project dictate whatever levels of enthusiasm fit.

That’s kind of letting go of a bit of controlling the situation – But how much do we really control and how much is due to circumstances anyway?