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There is no love without freedom

There is no love without freedom. There can only be control without freedom.

There is nothing you have to do but follow your conscience and you will find your way to the Way. Let yourself learn from your mistakes made and you will find your way faster than you can imagine.

There is no need to control the future, take one day at a time and one moment at a time and you will be OK. I love you and I made you in my image, so you know that you are the most worthy of my love and care at every single moment.

On the scale of our infinite time together, you will see that there is no evil as you understand it. There are only times when you are off track and you can be off track for what seems like eternity. But there is no such possibility. That is why I say there is no love without freedom.

There is no love without the possibility of evil. This is not the same as the creation of evil. The suffering that comes as a result of evil will tell you that all the other signs showing you that you are off track, have not been followed.

However far you are, the track is always open to you, this is the way to your continuous fulfillment and the fulfillment of all others. This Way is always here for you and I shine this light for you and everyone towards it, always.

Everything and everyone you meet is part of that light. There is learning for you at each encounter, even encounters with those that are way off track. Those that are faultless and blameless such as children are equally opportunities for you to come to me.

While you take the path of what you see as evil and perpetuate your suffering upon those that are faultless, your suffering becomes unbearable. There is a natural limit to where your unbearable suffering cannot allow you to commit any further pain on others that are in a better condition than you. Even to those that are at your condition or lower this works the same way. Your pain disables you from perpetuating harm any further.

There are natural provisions within the available space for you to excecise your freedoms. While you do not always accept that, you will learn this is a loving provision that brings your’s and everyone’s path on the Way to growth beyond your wildest imagination. It is the exact space between freedom and force (those provisions that restrict you), that remains for you to find your way.

I love you and you deserve all my gifts and I will never ever give up on you David.