The universe is the medium of our unique experience of life

We hear about mediums of communication, like TV and radio, the internet and so on. We hear about mediums of transportation, like water for boats, land for cars, the sky for planes etc. But what is the medium of our experiences?

As far as we know dead things don’t have experiences – is that what being dead is all about? Do rocks have feelings, dreams, wants and desires? I don’t know for sure. My guess is they don’t and if they do, their experiences would likely be extremely simple compared with ours.

But the point of me writing this isn’t about rocks being alive and how much they experience. The point is they are a part of our experience. Rocks and all things that we can possibly sense and feel – touch, taste, see, hear and smell etc. are a part of our life experience.

What does this mean? It means we and those things that influence our life experience are distinct from each other. We know we are distinct from rocks and we know we are distinct from the air that surounds us. But do we know we are distinct from our own physical bodies?

How can that be?

When the weather changes dramatically, do we, change what we wear, do we do anything else differently? When we get sick, does that change how we feel, think and act?

If you say yes to these, you know these influence us. That “us” is distinct from what influences us, including our bodies. Another way to say this is that we each have a relationship with our body. A relationship goes both ways and this also needs at least two distinct parties.

It feels like strange idea but is it strange for us to try and influence our bodies? We act as if we know we can influence our bodies all the time, otherwise why would we ever bother to do so?

For example, what are we trying to influence when we’re sick? We often just want to feel better. We want to change our body to be more in harmony with what we desire for our body. That might be to get up and simply go for walk. It might be to do so without coughing and feeling exhausted. We can do that to a point, we take rest, drink more fluids etc.

So our desires, hopes, dreams, intentions, beliefs, motivations, feelings etc. directly influence our body and vice versa. Can our desires, hopes, dreams, intentions, beliefs, motivations, feelings etc. influence other things? Can we directly craft rocks to build buildings, sculptures, roads and so on? Can we indirectly effect these things, by planning, and designing buildings, sculptures etc. etc… ? We can and we do all the time. We have whole industries made for that such as design, art and architecture. So what does this mean?

Before talking about that, I want to simplify some terms. When we talk about our desires, hopes, dreams, intentions, beliefs, motivations, feelings etc., let’s simply group those into an overarching category called “soul”. When we talk about our our physical bodies, all its parts, and everything physical that surrounds them extending outwardly, let’s group those all into another overarching category called “universe”.

With these terms we can say our souls influences the universe and at the same time, the universe influences our souls. This relationship occurs directly related to when and where we are and indirectly via all other physical things that make up the universe that we don’t directly influence.

What about other souls, do we have a direct relationship with those? Another way we might ask that question is, do we relate to each other without any physical means? Or can my desires directly effect you without a physical medium? I desire this communication medium called a blog to reach out to you and have some positive outcomes as a result. I don’t know if that desire on its own without any physical action, like typing these words on this blog, reaches out to you before I’ve published it. Could it be?

So here we can say our individual soul has a relationship with the universe. Added to that our individual soul has a relationship with all other souls at least indirectly and possibly directly.

So far then, we have three part relationship going on here – our individual soul, all souls, and the universe. But there is one more relationship that we haven’t talked about.

The universe is mediated by laws and principles, laws like gravity, principles like the information and energy conservation. This means the universe has a relationship with these predefined laws and principles. When we predefine something, like we come to a meeting with a meeting plan predefined, did that plan occur before or after the meeting? It happened before of course.

This means then that those laws and principles are a cause for a subsequent effect. That effect makes up the universe’s qualities, qualities, shape and attributes etc.

Whatever was smart enough to predefine those before the meeting of the universe coming into being, we can call that “God”. Can we have a direct relationship with God? I feel we can and besides looks like that’s what many old religious texts are telling us. There’s many stories of prophets being inspired to do this or that from God.

Here now the parts of the relationship have grown to – our individual soul, all souls, the universe and God. The problem is we don’t know how we can or even if we can have a direct relationship with other souls and God. We do know for sure that we use our physical reality to interact with each other, our friends and family for instance. We also know we discover natural laws and principles by observing nature, the laws of inheritance and gene transfers for instance.

So could it be we use the universe to relate other souls and God? Is that why the universe is here? Could it be?

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