Ongoing and direct love that awaits us

Why did God create the universe?

​I don’t know when God made our souls before the universe or afterwards, at once or at different times but I’ve got some ideas about why He made the universe.

If God made our souls and gave us free will, He couldn’t enforce anything on us because that wouldn’t any longer be free will given to us. But if He loves us, He’d need a way to influence us without using force. There’s only two ways God could influence us without force, one is if we are willing to accept that influence directly, the other is indirectly. Since most of us including myself are unwilling to accept God’s direct influence most of the time, he’d need a mechanism to do so indirectly. Since God love us, he would want to seek to influence us in a positive way, preferably directly but otherwise indirectly.
The only way we are influenced at present indirectly, is via the physical and spiritual universes and everything and everyone within these. As far as I know it’s always been this way for most of us. This leads me to believe the reason why God created all this was to encourage and guide us towards accepting His influence (love) directly. 

This also leads me to believe that the reason He wants us to accept his love directly is because there’s more gifts to give us, once our free will is developed to a point those new gifts would benefit us most. 

This implies two things, one is that our souls are more important to God than all the physical and spiritual universes; and two that all the physical and spiritual universes adapt specifically to best help us learn.

God setup a trust

This means that God has setup a trust relationship with us. When I use the word “trust” it’s in the context of law. A trust basically points to a relationship of two parties that involves a third and temporary party. A trust is made when there’s an obstacle preventing a first party having a direct relationship with a second party. So in the meantime, a third party is called for to indirectly assist (while that obstacle still remains). 

An example is when a father’s inheritance intended for his children once they’re grown up is managed and held by a third party until that time. The father doesn’t directly give the children his inheritance but waits till they’ve grown to be more responsible using it. So the obstacle here is the children’s age or more specifically their degree of responsibility to take care of their inheritance.

There’s 3 roles in this trust as with all trusts. In this example, the father is the grantor (the first party), the children are the beneficiaries (second parties) and the third party is called the trustee. The subject of this trust is the inheritance.

What this means is that when God gifted us our free will and intended we have a wider use of that will (and potentially more gifts / inheritance), knowing we might not always accept the flow of gifts and love directly from God, he required a third party to hold and manage our will for the time being. That third party I’m supposing are all the physical and spiritual universes including the Holy Spirit.

So we have this structure to the trust:

1) Grantor – God

2) Beneficiaries – All of us

3) Trustee – all the physical and spiritual universes and all held and managed within it 

4) Subject – God’s ongoing and direct love that awaits us.

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