God, government, lawful and legal

Been a while since I’ve written here but I’ve been wanting to for a while and now seems like a good time as any. Here’s some ponderings over the last few days I’ve been having:

1. God has to be

Wherever I look there’s order and harmony. In nature, in music, from the largest to tiniest bounds of physical matter to name a few. These things cannot be without the laws that underlie them. This means the laws had to come first, a being with unfathomable intelligence had to be able to make those laws first.

2. We are made in God’s image

Maybe when this is said in the Bible what it means is we are not made with God’s substance, but in image only. Perhaps this means we’re made with free will, like God has free will to create those laws. So we’re first made in image of God but the substance of God, like God’s love for us for example isn’t part of us by default.

3. We already have a perfect system

So if God is the author of all our laws and all these laws work in concert with each other, and the whole priority system of law, the checks and balances are already in place, then our job is to discover it and work in harmony with that. We don’t need to make up any new systems of governing ourselves, like democracy or whatever, we can just observe how it’s already made and do that. Fact is we already have a sole highest authority and live under a theocracy. We can’t change that.

4. Man’s law has to follow God’s law

Laws define boundaries. They allow, restrict and guide how anything and everything in the universe operates. This means laws must exist to allow, restrict and guide how we use our free will too. This means any law we “make” will only ever work if it aligns with these pre-existing laws of God. No point making ones that don’t because they will fail. Fact is if they don’t align, they can’t actually be law. 

5. Most of our “laws” are agreements

To help us align with God’s moral laws, to paraphrase Jesus, by loving God with all our hearts and minds and treating others as we’d like them to treat us, is how we do it. This is very simple but in most countries we have over hundreds of thousands of “laws” and new ones are made every day. To abide by those “laws” is not simple. Most of those “laws” are past and current social arrangements we implicitly or explicitly agree to when participating in society. If we make an agreement with someone, we honor them by doing what we said we would. However if that agreement makes it impossible to treat others as you’d want to be treated, or makes it impossible to still love God, then it’s a good sign it’s not the right agreement to make or fulfill.

Fact is legal deals with agreements, lawful deals with pre-existing moral laws. So something can be legal and also lawful but it can also be legal and unlawful too. It’s good to know that distinction.


Anyway, that’s all for now. I enjoyed writing again here and this stuff is fascinating for me. Hope you found this of interest too.

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