Why does God exist?

For absolutely anything to exist, there needs to be substance and the form that substance takes. Another way to put it is there’s got to be matter and laws that define how that matter presents. So we can’t have matter before we have laws that govern it, otherwise matter couldn’t hold any type of structure for any period of time.

This means laws would need to precede matter. Also that laws can exist independently without matter but not the other way around.

We’d also need those laws to be consistent and rather flawless first too. Without that, the structure of matter couldn’t persist. If the laws of the universe had a lot of inconsistencies, if they kept contradicting themselves for example, the universe would be a mess.

So all laws that define matter cant be contradictory, they need to be highly consistent in all cases.

To get that kind of consistency, I’d imagine these laws would need to take into account a lot of potential complexity too. Even before matter could be observed, they’d have to be a bunch of laws that deal with all possible permutations regarding complexities of matter.

So the laws of matter need define all current and future possibilities and deal with an immense amount of complexity.

If that’s right, it supposes some kind of profound foresight, especially considering these laws would need to be consistent enough to underpin a universe/s as complex and long lasting as we have. 

How could a foresight like this exist without any kind of intelligence?

Its highly improbable that all those laws we’re simply hatched by chance and out of thin air. To have such a capacity of foresight and conceive of laws of immense complexity, its reasonable to deduce there’s got to be a profound intelligence behind it all. 

So an intelligence far greater than ourselves is required to concieve of laws that deal with the universe we live in.

But this also supposes that such an intelligence isn’t necessarily bound to those laws either. What I mean is before those laws were conceived, they didn’t exist beforehand, so this intelligence wouldn’t have to be bound by them in the first place.

This means that this intelligence, we often call God exists outside the laws that defines everything that exists within this universe/s we’re living in.

There’s also another dimension to the title of this blog that’s about the purpose of God’s existence. I have no idea other than simply having a profound love for life.

God exists because God loves life

It’s as good a reason as anything else I can imagine for now.

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