Afraid to open song

Down another day

V1: She says daddy I love you, where are you going to?

When I’m still waiting for my, dream that never came.

Now I’m working to hide, what I put aside,

waiting for tomorrow, the day that never came.


My love, knocking at my door,

I’m afraid to open, I’m afraid to fall.

V2: My woman says I love you, but I’m still trying to prove,

that I’m someone better, than I was before.

Back to the days that don’t matter, I am getting fatter,

I’m drinking no more water or feeding my soul.

Repeat chorus then: Bridge

I won’t let it get me down another day.

I won’t let it hold me down another way.

It doesn’t’ seem to matter all the words I say.

No it doesn’t’ seem to matter, I’m caught anyway.

Repeat chorus then: Verse

In Em: Intro x 1

// Em B      / B Em      / Em D      / D Em      //

Verse x 2:

// Em B      / B Em      / Em D      / D Em      //

Chorus x 2:

// C      / B     / Em     / Am G      //

Bridge x 2:

// Am      / Am     / Em     / B      //

Repeat Chorus x4 then Verse x1

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