The most dangerous idea to the world

The most dangerous idea to the world is that the creator of everything has the most tenderest of love for us and holds us the most dear above all else. That idea even if just a possibility to us changed the face of the world completely when it was first put to people about 2000 years ago.

When that happened it seemed to catch on like a virus, people everywhere who heard the news began to question why? If we’re all equal to God and he loves us all tenderly, why do some people treat others as less than them? Why do women and men get treated differently, why do certain races, or nationalities or certain positions, like priests such as the Sanhedrin of the day claim the right to more benefits or more access to truth than everyone else? Why do some even claim themselves as gods like Caesar and enforce people to pay tributes from their work, just to live? Why do we need a place, a group, a building, a book or any ordained practice to connect to the creator of us all, our father?

All those questions were a threat to the fabric of society, they still are 2000 years later and its is why looking at history I’m led to believe that a fight has been waged ever since to diminish that message and to make sure those types of questions just don’t arise.

That fight started as a direct one. Anyone spreading the news about this idea were persecuted, worse they were tortured and killed, many just like the man who first proposed the idea was. However even the violence and fear perpetrated on those who sought to grasp this dangerous idea and practice it, didn’t stop people from following that path. It grew across regardless and with that growth, so too did the threat increase- one that might dismantle the very power structure that people lived under for thousands of years.

It took some time, a few hundred years in fact, but a realisation that this idea couldn’t be stopped by denial or force must have really sunk in. So a new strategy came about, a kind of bartering with religious groups of the time that would eventually help institute an all-encompassing imperial religion that would minimise the effects of this dangerous idea. This is essentially what I’m led to believe Emperor Constantine in the 3rd Century was intent on doing at the Council of Nicaea.

The thing about religion is although it looks the similar, its intent is actually the exact opposite to seeking to know the truth of oneself and of God. The word religion derives from “to gather” or “to bind”, it’s really just a political tool wrapped up in a spiritual mask. At Nicaea at the time this seems to be what occurred – a gathering of the influential spiritual leaders and priests of many different traditions and blend it all into a practice and a text that could be later subjected on the people of the empire. Among others, these included early Christians, Gnostics, those practicing Mithraism, even those worshiping Julius Caesar as god the father, and subsequent Caesars as the son of god. We now know that text as the New and Old Testament Bible. The New Testament was about the Christian story and even though it mentions that most dangerous idea to the world, it was just a small part of many other ideas and traditions that had nothing to do with the story of the man known as Yeshua, who it was apparently based on.

But this all mattered little, as long as there was enough in the Bible to appeal to the people wanting to follow the teachings of Yeshua, the purpose was served. Besides only very few people could read and write, and those people – priests and nobles already in positions of power, would unlikely want to encourage questions that might compromise their authority.

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