Eulogy by David Augustus Ruiz Wall

Stories by David Wall

We heard my father was an extraordinary man, an amazing man, a kind, loving and caring man. I can’t say that he wasn’t but there are simple reasons that I know he was – reasons that might be overlooked. I’d like to mention these simple reasons.

My dad grew up in an imperfect world, with an imperfect family and so wasn’t always necessarily perfect himself, as would be expected for anyone under these conditions. However dad brought perfection into the world and we can know this by the fact that he was truly loved.

A man like my dad doesn’t leave the world with people who sincerely love him if he didn’t give love sincerely himself. I’m not talking about love when love is easy to give, anyone can do that, the love I am talking about is that love demonstrated in times when love is hardest, in times when…

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