Gurus and cults

Guru Hargobind depicted on a mid-nineteenth ce...

Guru Hargobind depicted on a mid-nineteenth century miniature. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was reflecting about men and woman who take on the status of a leader, a guru, a monarch etc. it is implied that one encourages or teaches others not to stand on their own, not to fully take personal responsibility and so not to accept full liability for their choices. This is not to say that people don’t have unique talents, skills, knowledge, expertise etc. that others can learn from, and that this gives a person the capacity to give or impart that uniqueness, we do, we all do in fact, what I’m saying rather is if one recognises others are elevating them to a higher status, putting them on a pedestal to be a guru or whatever, one would nip that in the bud. So by nipping that in the bud, or at least continuing to do so, a person is not taking on that position but rather is putting that back on those who would elevate others and in so doing, undermining themselves. A person who demonstrates love and acts with integrity would never willing take on such a role.

On this blog I’ve got some links on the side that go to sites that in the court of public opinion, so far anyway, are considered sites of gurus. By my definition considering these people state on numerous occasions that elevating them to a status above others is in opposition to the messages they are putting out, and so is a misconstrued view of their characters, general public opinion differs. The general opinion is that these people place themselves in seats of elevated statuses, are invested in that and use that to their advantage. Evidence of that is contrary to this view. I’m not one to put to much credence on public opinion however – history itself demonstrates that’s an unwise path.

I’m talking here about AJ Miller and Mary Luck, Frank O’Collins, and Laura Knight-Jadczyk [K I don’t know if anyone’s accused you of being a guru… yet 🙂 ].

Anyhow, these people I’ve mentioned by no means should be lumped into the same grouping, considering what they discuss is from different angles, what’s common is how they have all been accused as running cults and for me, only that I just have a particular interest in the material they present.

I for one don’t follow anybody, I take in information and attempt to relate it to my life experience, I attempt to to experiment with it, and learn from this process. Ultimately I’m interested in coming to know the source of our life, I want to know the creator, I want to develop my relationship with her. Having said that too, I don’t follow God either, I would say that ultimately following God is acting in denial of how we are created, and so is in contradiction to what God wants. We are created with free will and are unique beings, so it makes sense God would not wish us to follow, but rather come to choose. The distinction is important I feel.

Anyway, these are just some reflections I was having on the train.

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