God is a dreamer

I’ve heard from a couple of people I read that life is a dream. I’ve thought about this a bit lately and its made me reflect on God and God being the dreamer.

The analogy is like this:

Imagine we have a dream, but unlike most dreams and most people, we are fully aware of the whole process from the largest part to the minutest detail, like each and every blade of grass that’s in our dream.

In our dream too we have people, like we usually do have in dreams. People in everyday dreams often are like reflections or aspects of the dreamer, and that’s the case too in this analogy. The only difference is here, we allow those people to have freedom, so we give them their attributes, their potential and we allow them to use it however they see fit. The reason we do this, is because we built them so well, so amazingly, with so much care and love, we know they’ll work perfectly. We’re like an inspired artist, admiring our most proudest work in motion, they are for all intents and purposes our children, who we have given life to. We give them life in the sense that they are able to be in complete control of their destiny, which in other words is free will.

Imagine then watching these people in our dream, watching with curiosity and most of all eagerness for them to discover how proud we are of them. Imagine then the moment one of them sees us, and begins to talk to us. That one, like we would too starts to ask us what we are like, how the world we made works, why we made it, what more is in it and in him or her to discover etc.

We then, having wanted so much for this to happen for a long time, excitedly tell all there is to know. We start first by telling them the most important part, and that is how much we admire them, how much love we have for them, in a way that’s totally unique to them. Our love is unique because they are totally unique and we tell them that we love all people too in a similar and completely unique way.

What I’ve been thinking is its got to be very much like this. I mean if life is a dream, then, like our own situation, there’s got to be a dreamer. So God is like the dreamer who holds the dream forever. Also, like a dream, the dream needs a dreamer to exist, but the dreamer doesn’t need the dream to exist. So, the dreamer, like when we dream is independant from the dream, when we wake up then, the dream ends but we don’t.

From that, some might say, well if that’s a true analogy, its possible that we, the dream, which is the whole universe will also end one day. The thing is though it can’t while the dreamer, God, is completely aware and we can say that God is aware because the rules of this dream are complex but very very consistent, a design then of a dreamer who is extremely aware.

So this is where the analogy falls short. When we dream, we aren’t fully aware, when we’re awake too, we aren’t fully aware. So dreaming for us, is kind of like a window into ourselves, its like a movie that plays out our personality, a movie designed to wake up our awareness of ourselves. So in this way, considering God is aware, the universe then isn’t like a dream, its more just a completely conscious creation.

This kind of gets to another thing I was just thinking about. Our personalities are like this huge potential, that most of us don’t know a lot about. We grow up taking on all these other identities, one’s we believe are more loveable than our own. So we have all this pain surrounding the expression of parts of our personality. For most of us in the world today, we probably only express a tiny fragment of our personality, the rest remains hidden and suppressed. So this is the whole deal with this idea of our unconscious minds, its only unconscious, or lets say unexpressed / un-awakened because it lies behind barriers of past emotional wounding, that’s the pain we’ll at some point need to experience and express on the path of waking up to our full personality.

Good thing is we have all the time in the world to do this, as its a perfectly designed dream that’s always going to led us to our full selves eventually and too will always lead us to meet our maker.

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