Where’s God’s mouth?



My 4 years old daughter is very smart, makes me realise how much I don’t really know. Here’s what we talked about from what I recall this morning:

I love you Hala so much you’re the best gift from God ever.

Where is God why I can’t see him?

I don’t see him either, I’ve felt him though.

Where’s God’s mouth?

I don’t think he’s got a mouth, I don’t think he’s got a body like everyone else but he made us all.

How did he make us, he’s got no arms and legs. That’s silly daddy.

I don’t think he needs arms and legs to make us, so he hasn’t got any. He made us all. God is like our first mummy and daddy.

I don’t want another mummy and daddy.

We’ll always be your mummy and daddy, we won’t stop being your mummy and daddy ever. We love you so much. You know Hala, daddy doesn’t really know all those things about God, I’m just still trying to figure it all out.

OK daddy

11 thoughts on “Where’s God’s mouth?

  1. David Wall Post author

    Was reflecting on this, I think she asked about God’s mouth because I said to her once that God speaks to us. Makes sense – if God speaks to us you’d expect God to have a mouth. Show’s me how much my concept of God is just in my mind. She helps to keep me real!

  2. debrwall

    Your next conversation with Hala might be to say that some of the things we can’t see are also ‘real’ like ‘feelings’ such as ‘love’ which she can’t physically see…like her feeling of ‘love’ for Mummy and Daddy. She may develop into a budding philosopher yet.

    1. David Wall Post author

      That’s a good point Dad. I actually never thought to say that, I will next time if I remember. There’s that one too about the wind – everyone knows the wind exists, but we don’t see it, we know it’s there because we see the secondary effects of it – the trees swaying, the feeling of the breeze on our skin etc. Like God, we don’t see God but we can see the effects of God all around us. (Not my analogy BTW, heard that one from an AJ talk). Thanks Dad!


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