Hand the man a bucket

Imagine a man uses a net to catch water and after several attempts decides that water can’t be caught or contained. We’d call that illogical and hand him a bucket.

Then imagine another man believes that only things which can be measured exist. So when you propose there exists a God who loves us, he uses all the tools of measurement he knows to verify it. Finally he tells you that because God can’t be measured, he cannot exist.

4 thoughts on “Hand the man a bucket

  1. guitartist2013

    I think looking at our physicality and how our bodies can be measured. If we believe that is all we are without a spirit which makes us less measurable. If we just believed in the physical how would we be open to feeling in our hearts that god is an entity greater than the universe if we compare god with our physical selves. Yet if we believe not just in the physical and spirit but also the soul and start feeling an awareness of how infinite it can be we can start to let into our heart that god exists starts to become a real possibility, now we have felt a greater expansion non physical within us we can start to understand a soul billions of times more expanded and what it could create in that space. Don’t know if this makes sense just my late night musings.

    1. David Wall Post author

      Makes sense. Using physical tools to measure non-physical things is going to be as hard as a camel entering the eye of a needle 🙂 Seriously though, it might just be a case of the limits of our senses and perception. So how we define what’s physical is also defined by those limits. But that’s just my opinion.


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