3 thoughts on “The Way vs Christianity

  1. deberigny

    I have no doubt that AJ and his good woman are a splendid couple, but the 2nd Coming, no! My father had a patient once who claimed to be Napoleon. For some, any historical figure will do, but we are essentially ourselves, and I would think it’s best to be true to oneself.

    1. David Wall Post author

      You’d have to question then, how would you recognise Jesus, if Jesus was to meet you. Like what conditions should be met, to consider that person is Jesus. It’s not really enough as a Christian to say, something like there are no conditions, it’s not possible at all, because that goes against a Christian’s own belief system. So, leaving your ridicule behind, a person that sincerely follows the words of Christ, would investigate a claim of Christ coming, because it is expected that Christ would come, and it is expected that as a Christian one would not know when or where. “But of that day and hour knows no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only”.

      So the question is how would you know? Most Christians would say there needs to be a miracle or some sort, a real Jesus would need to prove his realness by some type of magical act, like: “Look, he is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see him, even those who pierced him; and all peoples on earth will mourn because of him.” But say we know that material wasn’t actually said directly from the historical Jesus, which as you know it wasn’t, then we’d want to look at the character of the historical Jesus, and imagine if that same person described would choose to come down on the clouds in the way described in Revelations.

      For example, the historical Jesus had ample opportunity to convince the multitudes of his time by performing mass public acts that defy physical laws. This could have been done say during the sermon on the mount or at crucifixion. But the historical Jesus for whatever reason, didn’t choose to do that. So we might argue that a 2nd coming wouldn’t be a spectacle for all the world to see, because this wouldn’t actually fit the character of the historical Jesus. The historical Jesus didn’t seek to prove the validity of his words by performance, but by a demonstration of his own life.

      So what a sincere follower of Christ would need to do is to observe a person’s life who claims to be Jesus. You would want to observe that person’s message, observe how they deliver that message etc. Of course that would take time, as any investigation would, but for a Christian, wouldn’t that be one of the most important investigations you could make?

      The other choice, which this post was all about is to respond with Cognitive Dissonance. That makes people choose to ridicule other ideas and other people to reduce Cognitive Dissonance (Even if that person ridiculed is their own son as you’ve shown). All that does is reduce a person’s ability to see the world outside the world they believe they know. It also hurts oneself and others along the way too.

      Yet, that’s what most people do because it’s temporarily the easiest road. It’s the road most travelled. It’s interesting too that Jesus directly advised us that the road to God isn’t the road most travelled, quite the opposite – it’s the narrowest road we could take. It’s the narrow way because God seeks for us to come directly to Him, which means we can’t go the opposite way to God, we can’t even go our preferred way to God if that way is contrary to the direct path to God. All we can do if we want a relationship with God is go one direct way, and that way by definition will challenge us, because God seeks for us to grow, which means our hearts need to soften and open, our minds and our ideas need to grow, and for me that is the most rewarding thing about choosing to have a relationship with God. Isn’t that one of the main things the historical Jesus taught?

      Dad, you inspired me to know God as a small boy, if I could do the same for you, it would be really something I’d treasure.


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