The collapsing kingdom

Castle Durnstein (with YPaul)

Castle Durnstein (with YPaul) (Photo credit: muppetspanker)

Once upon a time there was a bad witch who lived at the bottom of a castle. Her part of the castle was much much bigger than what was above the ground, but not many people in the village knew that, as they couldn’t see what was below the castle.

Even the king didn’t know about it, only two of his closest advisors knew. The king however did know about many secret rooms and chambers and because of that he was sure that of all those living in the castle, he was by far the highest authority on its most deepest secrets.

What he didn’t know was that all these secret rooms and chambers where very small in comparison to the witch’s underground part of the castle. What he also didn’t know was that these rooms and chambers where made only for the purpose of making the king believe he knew more than others. After all, he was the king and its fitting that he does know more.

Overall, he didn’t know the full truth, but like everyone else, he thought he did. His advisors and the witch thought so too, but all of them only knew parts of the truth. That wasn’t exactly a bad thing but what was bad was the small lies in all that truth they believed were true.

For example, when it came to who owned the king’s castle, the king believed it was him, being the king. The king’s army thought it was theirs, because none in the land could match their strength and they knew the king could be replaced but a castle always needed an army. The king’s advisors believed it was theirs, as they believed they were the only ones who could ever manipulate both the king and the witch. And the witch believed it was her’s as she and her family had managed everything in the castle and village from the beginning.

The real truth was none of them owned the castle, none of them in fact owned any part of the kingdom or any part of the village, they each only owned one thing. And it was this very thing they only owned that they didn’t want to own. They wanted instead to own anything and sometimes everything else. That thing was very simple, it was only their own choices which they owned, nothing else.

So for example, the king didn’t want to own any of the silly rulings he made for the kingdom. He preferred instead to remind himself of how much more he knew over everyone else.

The villages didn’t want to own that they willingly gave their hard work to the king because being under a king and army made them feel safe. Instead they held on to an old legend about how piles of gold and silver was buried somewhere underground the kingdom. So they dug for it whenever they could as the promise of riches, kept them believing they could one day be free from their life of toil and servitude.

The witch didn’t want to own that she could no longer manage the kingdom either, especially as everyday the villages would dig closer and closer to finding her underground lair. So instead she made a new plan that would make the villages rise up to overthrow the king and give them a feeling of being free. The plan’s real goal though was not about freedom, but the opposite of that, it was about stopping the villages from digging for what the witch believed was rightfully hers and too punish them for doing so. The witch had everything set in place and what everybody didn’t know was that their lives were about to change dramatically.

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