Through the child’s eyes

When would I need to accept without personal experience or logical explanation, something that another person is telling me?

English: Ilustration of "The Emperor's Ne...

English: Ilustration of “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Español: Ilustración del cuento El traje nuevo del emperador. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been thinking about the story “The emperors new clothes” and how much of our education from parents, schools etc. fits that story. We actually get rewarded for believing many things without trusting ourselves. While we do that we’re also having to learn to accept we are implicitly incapable of finding things our for ourselves at the same time. We learn we are stupid, and that’s a very sad thing to teach our children.

Wouldn’t it be better to foster our ability to use logic and test our logic through personal experience, rather than route learn and regurgitate? Wouldn’t that just boost a child’s self esteem and set them up for their life’s journey? This would be far better than having thousands of degrees and certificates under our names.

The ‘take in information and accept’ way leads us to not trust what we ourselves see with our own eyes but instead trust what we are told by authority figures (contrary to our own better judgement) and we must then believe that the emperor is wearing clothes, and that’s what we train ourselves to see.

So I can understand why we need to see with our own child’s eyes. The child who’s personal growth was thwarted inside of all of us. Imagine we can too start to see our child through our own inner child’s eyes, wouldn’t we begin to understand them much better too?

4 thoughts on “Through the child’s eyes

    1. David Wall Post author

      So do I, that’s why I was saying the above Dad. If we’re guided to things rather than told to do things, we learn how to learn. When we’re taught to obey, we learn that we can’t think for ourselves. If we do that we’re not really honouring ourselves, we can’t even be honouring our creator while we do that too because we’re not even acting in faith that our creator has the ability to make us free thinking people. If we say our God loves, we couldn’t at the same time say God wouldn’t want us to be free. But for me it makes sense we have free will because God does love us and so must also know how capable we are. Problem is we just don’t believe it, and part of the problem is that we learn not to believe it – all of us, granted to various degrees, but our self belief is our own most limiting factor. That’s how I see it anyway.

    2. David Wall Post author

      Maybe though I didn’t explain well. I don’t condone kids running wild and just figure it all out for themselves. Rather set boundaries and always try to help our kids to know why through their own experience. Does that make more sense with what I mean?


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