OPPT is not unrebutted

I was asked to look further into this OPPT stuff and doing so made me question how it is I’m still so easily swept up by hype. In this case it was a hype that made me ride the wave of “its all good don’t worry, just be and do”.

Of course I’d love to believe that but I know that real change is never external it always starts from our hearts, and you know many of us like myself have broken hearts to be blunt.

Anyway, I just read a bit of the actual filings and well I felt the opposite of elation. Here’s just a couple of extracts I found that I find concerning and invalid (I responded to these):

“I duly verify by AFFIDAVIT OF FULL PERFORMANCE that the purpose of creator, experiencing by creation, has been duly achieved”

The Creator didn’t write this, so there is a man or woman that is standing in for the Creator.

This can only be valid if:

1. A contract between the writer (bondservant) and the Creator to represent the Creator is produced.
2. The writer (bondservant) of this UCC filing prove he/she is the Creator.

Because both these conditions aren’t met, the filing is based on a false premise. Just one false premise makes this filing no longer valid.

“As creator, experiencing by creation, I duly verify that I did lovingly, knowingly, willingly, and intentionally choose to create from self an existence of duality duly manifested as bondservant for the sole purpose to experience remembering self, knowing self, and be’ing self through duly secured and guaranteed free will choice, “this purpose of creation”, unrebutted”

The concept that we are all the Creator dispersed in either two or more separate units for the purpose of subjective experience and growth is also invalid, as:

1. We are all completely unique souls.
2. Before creation, there was a highly intelligent creator soul already in existence.
3. Real growth and experience is not gained by separating and dispersing intelligence / awareness and feeling.

The above places the bondservant (really writer coming up with this fiction) as the Creator manifested. This is invalid while the 3 points above are true.

So the premise that this is unrebutted is invalid too.

7 thoughts on “OPPT is not unrebutted

  1. Streets of Love - unconventional

    Well David. If that is indeed a fact and provable, then it is your responsibility to go into the UCC and rebutt it lawfully. Every point of all the documents that lead to the document you referenced. Have fun with that Bro, I’ll be in Belize setting up my CVAC Eco-Retreat. You’ll be welcomed anytime if you need a vacation from the task that may take you quite a while. Don’t be a slacker… LOL Remember,

    “It is by your free will choice of each BE’ing to consciously choose TO BE or NOT TO BE and TO DO or NOT TO DO
    with your full responsibility and liability…each of you are responsible for “when” the prosperity funds, inclusive of those in St. Germaine’s Trust, are released…and your application of DO’ing what you BE, knowing your capacity of BE’ing and preserving and protecting that BE’ing by your DO’ing, with examples provided, is the sign we are all “waiting” for. By your free will conscious choice to BE, and DO what you BE…consciously and responsibly… then

    The Public Trust does give Absolute Gratitude and Grace in Absolute Love and Peace to all BE’ings for their absolute service to the highest good of the One.”

    T h e O n e P e o p l e ‘ s P u b l i c T r u s t
    T H E D I S C L O S U R E 1 1 1 1 . 1

    1. David Wall Post author

      “The Public Trust does give Absolute Gratitude and Grace in Absolute Love and Peace to all BE’ings for their absolute service to the highest good of the One” – that’s kind of a worry, if I don’t give absolute service to the “One”, I’m not going to get “Absolute Gratitude and Grace in Absolute Love and Peace”.

      See by definition, that’s just not how love would work especially absolute love. Absolute love means one is loved absolutely, so it can’t be based on a condition if one serves or not. If it’s based on a condition, it’s not absolute anymore, and really it’s not love full stop but something entirely different.

      There’s a few points to pick on this filing but I don’t feel it has to be rebutted point for point because there’s a lot of good ideas in it, it needs rather to be refined to represent truth, otherwise it will be exploited by others upon others. That is not a change to the system, that’s just the same in different dress.

      I’ll look into the idea about rebutting but if it’s not my passion to do so, I’m not going to devote my energy there otherwise I’d not be acting in truth to myself.

      Thanks too for the offer of your retreat – sounds like a nice place. Retreats are always welcome 🙂

  2. Kathara

    Just a comment in general because I went to that site and tried to get an idea what it is about and I still haven’t got a clue, so I can’t give a well-founded and grounded opinion. (In my non-native ears the texts on the site sound like complete nonsense.) So here is a general comment, not particularly directed at this OPPT thing: many of this movements probably start with the best intentions but there are so many people with hidden agendas and cheaters and saboteurs around it will likely get corrupted hald-way through (the smell of power is intoxicating) Furt. hermore, I’m always wary of people that speak in the name of everyone, and of people that use too many capitals. Maybe I’m too much of a pessimist, so be it.

    1. David Wall Post author

      Naah, you’re not a pessimist – you’re a free thinking person and a breath of fresh air because of that. I agree though, I don’t see the point in convoluted words. And capitals, I don’t know why it’s needed unless you’re wanting people to think you’re shouting, or maybe the caps-lock got stuck mid sentence. I don’t know about others but if someone is shouting at me, I’ll be the opposite of receptive.

      1. David Wall Post author

        There was a guy without a name from the Rothchild family who consulted on all this. That’s what the lawyer who authored it said. They love dropping breadcrumbs, I suppose the smart rats come out to to them in the open, saves looking. I always wondered about George Orwell, Winston hated rats, so why not go back into the maze and scare the rats with a horror stories to get back at them? Sorry to be cryptic.

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