A reason to step forward


Waiting for waves

What I’m starting to realise is that when I’m focusing on anything external and putting my energy into it, I’m often looking to cover my own feelings of being incapable of change, incapable of changing the world for the better, but importantly changing myself.

The truth is, and I know this on one level, each person has the remedy to heal not just themselves but the world too. We can transform ourselves and affect things in a massive way. All of us. But I’m still in doubt, yet there’s a core certainty, I don’t know what it is, it could be just wishful thinking, but it feels rather more like something real. If I was to describe the feeling its like a song that plays under a barrage of loud noises, hardly noticeable but always there. That might not mean much to a lot of people, its just the imagery that came up for me to try to explain it. Maybe its faith.

If it is, it’s a faith that tells me that every person holds within them the key to a complete world revolution, a very unique, very personal catalyst to shift things in a dramatic way. There was that analogy I heard once, cant remember where – of a positive virus that can infect each one of us and spread like wildfire – something like that.

When we get infected by someone else’s inspiration, we can release our own personal catalyst for change, for a revolution of hearts, infecting others and so on. You can see it on the Internet daily, something goes viral and overnight a thing unknown from an unknown person becomes a phenomenon that affects millions. Its often too when someone is real and does something so heartfelt, its hard not to notice.

But what’s important isn’t someone else’s thing, someone else’s movement, what’s important is the true us, the us in the most pure and powerful sense, the us that God personally put together all the right ingredients for, formed us and set us free. That freedom is also the choice to be the change God designed us to be.

So what I suppose I’m saying is I myself can fall into the trap of putting my own personal responsibility for being my true self aside, because someone else – Jesus, OPPT, even God is responsible for it. And all that does is hinder my own ability to see myself in my most pure form, hinders my ability to be the catalyst I was talking about, and in the end hands my power over to something or someone external from myself.

Doing that is not even honouring myself, nor honouring my own capacity for real personal and catalysing change. Its not even honouring God’s creative power, because in truth God’s creative power is so immense, so innovative, so creative, that every single person is capable of changing the whole world in new never before done or ever to be way.

Is that naive and wishful thinking?

Maybe, but in the end could it be actually naive not being open to the possibility we have all we need in ourselves to heal and make a real difference? There’s plenty of examples of real people to show that.

We have the power to change, to move the hearts of millions and if we choose to connect with God directly, we can learn from the being that knows best what and how it is to become the best we can be.

As no other person can do it just like me, just like you, we’re 100% responsible to take that step and 100% responsible for taking the next and if the alternative is compromising and losing ourselves by not doing that, what do we have to lose?

I can say for certain, we have so much to gain, and so many reasons to step forward.


Hala’s step forward

2 thoughts on “A reason to step forward

  1. deberigny

    David, you canvass some very personal and deep issues in your life journey, in I think, to be true to yourself! Your essential honesty speaks highly of your integrity.


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