Enough about OPPT

I wrote a post the other day about the One People’s Public Trust (OPPT). I can see some positives on the basic principles it holds – that being our understanding that no other person can represent a higher authority over us apart from God. We are unique and equally valuable. We are free-will souls and that would mean too we are personally responsible for all the choices we make. That for me on it’s own is what’s valuable about the assertions that OPPT. But whether OPPT says this or not, what’s important is for us is to personally verify this through our own personal experience. So someone telling us a thing is not as important as our own experience of it, because once we have experience of something, we can only then know it to be real. Imagine a person lived indoors all their lives and was told about the sunrise. Until that person sees the sunrise and experiences the whole thing with their senses, the sunrise is just a concept, a representation of what the sunrise is by another man.

I’ve been watching this response by the Cristains to OPPT which is interesting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qjp_9nlrBao I’ve found Arthur and Fiona Cristian to be mostly spot on about a lot of things, specifically in the idea of coming back to our senses and questioning what we have been told to believe is true, without coming to our personal verification of that “truth”. They see the OPPT as an intentional deceit as far as I can tell. I’m not so sure but we I’m sure can best make a judgement on the fruits it bears.

On God, Arthur mentions, when God is referred to: “bring back God to back up these claims, where is God? …he is invisible”. It got me thinking about how, say Arthur, would bring God to himself to back up the claim of God’s existence.

What I like about Jesus (AJ Miller) is he asks people to have a direct personal relationship with God, not a representation of God, but the real one. How might we do that? We can undertake the great experiment.

In the Padgett Messages “the great experiment” was mentioned, and Mary’s now writing a blog series called the “Great Experiment” about this. http://mary.divinetruth.com/2013/02/15/truth-hope-change-the-great-experiment-series/

“If there be a God, and if that God has a love for me, and is ready to fill my soul with that love and make me happy and full of light, and whether I receive that love or not depends upon my will, then if this is all true, I will that God give me this love with all my strength and desire”

Of course if we have free will and God created free will, then God would only ever invite us to a relationship with him. It’s then up to us, if we desire it from our end to enter that relationship, then we can have a direct experience with God. This is vital in my opinion, like Arthur says, we need to sense directly real living beings and from our own sense we can determine what’s real and what’s a representation, or in other words, what’s not real, what’s a fiction.

I firmly can state that doing this experiment sincerely, for anyone, will achieve results, a personal but verifiable result, which in Arthur and Fiona’s words “back up the claim”, not only personally, or lets say subjectively, but where others have this direct experience, it can be backed up in a more of a collective way too. I’m not sure how Arthur and Fiona feel about this but I can see there’s a logic in what they say that is not contradicted by the existence of a real living God.

What are your thoughts, would the great experiment back up the claim or God?

Here’s a recount of another’s personal experience of the experiment:

Arthur and Fiona Cristain’s video

The great experiment by Jesus

6 thoughts on “Enough about OPPT

    1. David Wall Post author

      Looks like it was then deleted. Still a thank you though, even though you changed your mind. Take care and remember to stay true my friend… that’s where the real power to transform the world lies (in you).

  1. telloutmysoul

    I’ve tried many things to fill the satisfy my soul’s desire for real love and none of them measures up to the love and care of a personal relationship with God, the real god and not the fake Gods of this world.

    1. David Wall Post author

      I agree Amanda, there’s plenty of representations of God out there, which are just images made by others like a photo. What you said, and what I’m listening to now just made me reflect on that and how I fool myself many times. I might take a photo of you for instance and then start speaking to that photo of you and I can almost convince myself I’m talking to you, but if someone asks you, you’d say: “no I’ve never met him, I’ve never spoken to him at all”. It’s like that with God I feel, if God is an easily digestible image and nothing more, if nothing is exposed in us, we’re connecting not to God. I’ve connected not to God plenty of times, I might say I feel God sometimes but I know God exposes the error in my soul automatically, because that’s what love does, so when I’m not exposed at all and I’m thinking I’m with God, I’m not, I’m likely connecting with something else.

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