OPPT meetup in Sydney



I was going to go to a meeting in my home suburb, Newtown, Sydney a number of days ago about OPPT or TOPPT which stands for “the one people’s public trust“. I missed the meeting because basically my family dog of almost 14 years just died and I wanted to spend the night with my wife and child instead. It was very sad for us and it was quite a shock too. I love that sweet dog, Misiu, so I’m really going to miss not being able to see him.

Anyway back to what I was saying, there’s a lot of buzz on the Internet about this OPPT thing and I have to say it got me thinking “maybe..”, and I tend to look at big claims about how something’s going to change the world for the better with a grain of salt usually. This one’s a big claim. Maybe its a trust thing for me, or better to say its a mistrust thing. Anyway trust is a significant theme in OPPT but I’ll go into that more later.

I don’t know much about the space this OPPT is operating in, which is legal and financial, so my relay of it here will likely be off (please correct me if so), but anyway here’s what I found out after listening to a couple of radio shows, reading a transcript and rummaging through the official sites.

So a lawyer called Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf did a lot of work in the big banks and uncovered some unethical dealings to do with I believe a client’s entitlement to some real estate or something like that, but this sparked a deeper investigation that went into the financial system, the people and organisations who steer it and the law that holds it up. From that point she and a team looked at how they would find a remedy in a legal sense because the basis of how things where being controlled they discovered was not at all lawful, so there was a window they saw in that.

It wasn’t the freeman movement and it wasn’t common law being used per se, (an older form of legalese and something the courts as far as I’m aware utilise less and less of) but OPPT was using its offshoot, commercial law, which is like common law’s big bad brother. Commercial law’s all to do with money and trade and in a lot of ways its not really bad, its just used often in a way where human’s are secondary to commerce. But there’s also a side of it that’s really about equitable trade between two parties, and they’re using this equitable aspect to better the situation for all humanity, so its a real curve ball.

What they did first was to document how the current powers are not legitimate because essentially they broke the laws in which stand on, and too they broke the trust given to them by people to administer the affairs for people. So on that they reestablished a new trust that includes every single person on the planet. This trust, having been created through current legal means, then could take the reign from the illegitimate entity that had the helm beforehand. This happened because the one people of the planet (us all) are the only true authority of ourselves under our creator, so even in law, this means that none other than God can usurp our free will. Because that happens and it’s not God that does it, whoever takes away another’s free will has to either prove they are God (which they can’t) or step aside. So the “powers that be” (PTB) with this action became the “powers that were” (PTW).

On the money side, as I understand it because our present currency represents real gold and silver, which is also being held for us in trust by our appointed trustees (PTW), loans and interest charged is essentially illegitimate too because you can’t loan something that you don’t actually own. You can’t ask me for example to hold your car for you for safe keeping then later when you want to use it, I charge you for it or rent it out to you, but that’s what’s been happening every time the banks give out loans.

So if we own the gold and silver and the banks are like a storage facility for it, how can they charge us for the value represented by money for what we already own? This can only happen when you break it down by force or if we agree to it or we consent to it. So you could say that all these contracts we’re asked to sign with banks and governments etc. are in the end about getting our consent and we mostly obliviously go ahead and do it without any force needed.

English: The Uniform Commercial Code is so imp...

English: The Uniform Commercial Code is so important that even the confidential rough drafts of its sections have been preserved and published in this set of 10 volumes to aid lawyers and judges in interpreting the UCC. Photographed at the law library of the UC Berkeley School of Law. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyway, after this group had the trust established (OPPT), they submitted under a UCC filing (uniform commercial code), which basically is a thing you do if you are a corporation that wants to loan some asset/s you own to other parties. To do that you’ve got to establish that you first own these assets and then you’ve got to detail the conditions you want loan them out commercially. So that’s exactly what they did. They detailed why we the people have always owned the gold and silver, the basis of our current world currencies, then they spelt out the terms of how the owners (us) can go and reacquire it.

All this legalese in the end though is still just about bits of paper we give meaning to. It’s more like a fictional story we all act out, but the thing is, we have all given this fiction a lot of power, we’ve invested so much energy into all our laws and contracts and such, that this fiction has a hefty weight of its own. What these guys have done then with that, is redirect the power we’ve given it towards a positive outcome that recognises our position in the world, instead of it being used to further blind and enslave people (that’s what the law has been used a lot for beforehand).

Whether or not the OPPT takes off, for me its symbolic of our increased self awareness as a species and the fact that we might just be going on a good vector that re-asserts that we are equally valuable and free people only under one authority, God. I feel it’s vital we understand our position in relation to ourselves and God or as the OPPT docs state, the prime, Allah, The Source or whatever you refer to our creator as. I like “God” because I most relate to this term but in the end it doesn’t matter the name. Its vital because historically we’ve put intermediaries between God and man like priests or angels or even devils and UFOs now, whatever it we put between God and us – it’s never helped us and its not going to help us I suspect ever in the future either. All in all we are only ever answerable to God.

Anyway, its good to understand too we don’t have to feel we are forced to do anything against our free will and even though freedom is sold to us as something we already have in the first world, digging a bit deeper, its easy to see we really don’t. Think about this, we’re born into a country like I was born in Australia, and in my country I have to pay taxes but where did I ever consent to paying taxes? Did I sign a piece of paper anytime from birth to now saying that I would pay taxes, or that I will vote at every election after 18 years old? No I didn’t it’s been “mandated” that I do. I signed up to the electoral role at 20 only after a guy actually came to my door and told me the government would keep fining me something like $400 a year unless I signed. That’s actually a threat, so its not really legally a consent anyway.

So what’s happened is our appointed administrators, wearing government or corporate garbs mandate things on people without their consent which basically states that they are putting themselves as a rightful authority over us. Are they? And if we believe they are, we have to ask, who gave them this authority? There’s no one between us and God as I said that has that authority, so there is no authority over us, besides our creator, and she’s not going to renege on our adult free will if she was the one who created it in the first place. Even a normal parent wouldn’t either want to do that to their grown up children. Most parents with a bit of sense seek to nurture their children’s free will not take it away.


Freedom (Photo credit: robynejay)

And that’s just it, we as a human race right now have been through so much to know that it is in our interest to be grown up, to be self responsible, to take the helm of our own lives and to take full liability for our personal and collective actions. That’s another thing the OPPT emphasises, which for me is vital to us growing as a planet and individually – if we can’t take responsibility for our own stuff, no one else in the end can (but others will try if we let them).

Its some interesting times we’re in, lets see how this pans out and I’m looking forward to learning some more about this on the next Sydney OPPT meet up in March.



10 thoughts on “OPPT meetup in Sydney

      1. Kathara

        The most frustrating about animals (or babies) is that they cannot tell you how they feel or what is wrong with them and you feel completely helpless at that moment. But sometimes you can tell they know they are dying and that is even worse.

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    1. David Wall Post author

      I agree Angel, we’re free, always have been because who or whatever exerts pressure on or force over us, cannot take our free will. We own our free will, so we own our freedom.

      Even the treat of death when we know in our hearts that death is not real, in the sense that we and our loved ones go on living when our physical bodies expire, we have no reason to submit to a course of action against what our conscience or our hearts’ suggest. For me that is freedom and it is and has always been our gift.


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