The world is upside down

Netherlandish Proverbs "The World Turned ...

Netherlandish Proverbs “The World Turned Upside Down” by Pieter Brueghel the younger after his father (Photo credit: Martin Beek)

God created man and all the laws of the universe. Then man created society and all the laws of our society. The obvious thing to do would be to first understand God and God’s laws of the universe then apply these to whatever we create, because then whatever we create will be in harmony with the overriding laws of the universe and in harmony with God too. It makes so much more sense to do that but we do the exact opposite.

We place the highest value on all the laws and conventions that we made up over our own value. We value these over the laws of the universe and we value these over God too. No wonder the world feels like its upside down because that’s just what it is.

How is it that those things we made to help us are now more important than we are? How’s that going to help us?

What else is money but something to help us exchange our stuff? We’re not meant to serve money, its meant to serve us, to help us, I mean really help us. But we serve money and it helps no one.

What are our businesses and corporations really about but to help us organise making useful things that make living in this world increasingly better? It’s not meant to be about producing things we don’t need that end up destroying our world and enslaving us. But that’s what we do with our businesses and corporations.

What’s the government and all its arms about but to help us live in harmony with each other and the world around us? It’s not about making our lives fit rules and regulations made to perpetuate a unsustainable system that we ourselves made up. But that’s exactly what our governments do.

What’s education and parenting but a way to help our kids learn how know themselves, how to love, how to discover and discern truth, how to be self responsible, and ultimately how to continually grow. It’s not about making kids conform to predefined roles. It’s not about conditioning them to trust authority and distrust themselves. Its not about removing wonder, imagination, and a their natural ability to experience and express their feelings. It’s not about discarding what’s unique in them for uniformity. It’s not about moulding our kids to be accepted by our society, friends, family, or ourselves. But that’s what we teach our kids to be.

So while we do things backwards, we can expect to see the world around us as it is now and its not so great its upside down. But if we start with God everything we’d create would bring us to a paradise and not to a hell. Lets go the right way up instead.

8 thoughts on “The world is upside down

  1. Kathara

    Just read that the pope gave up. Usually these guys stay on until they die of old age or are otherwise disposed off. He must know something that we don’t know yet.

    1. David Wall Post author

      Interesting, maybe he heard Jesus came back to earth, that would be a good reason to step down, let the guy have a say in the religion he founded. But doubt that was it.


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