My eternal friend

God my friend, I do love you. Even though most of the time I forget about you, I ignore you. You’re my best friend, you’ve been with me from the start always believing in me, always wanting the best for me, always willing to hear from me, as if I was the most important in your life too.

You’ve been a real friend, one I can’t see but I can feel you with my eyes closed and when I’ve grown up and don’t need you, you know better. You wait beside me with your hand ready again to take mine and take my journey together once again.

So I’m happy about that, that you’re the real friend that I can always rely on. Even when I treat you otherwise, you still say ” no David, I don’t need you to do or give me anything for me to love you more, I love completely”.

And you know, that love of yours is so abstract to me, because it doesn’t fit the world, who loves like that?

Then I see the wonderful gift of the love of my life. The most beautiful love I’ve ever experienced and the one now I spend every night lying beside like the luckiest man in the world. Thank you God for Maja, she is truly a gift , a wonderful perfect soul.

I want to give now, even though I’m afraid, even though giving often to me is a fear I’ll be taken from, I see its not that way, I see the beautiful examples of my love, and you my friend.

Thank you for all this, my eternal friend.

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