The hand that guides me

English: Cows

English: Cows (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some other strange things I noticed while traversing the country-side was the distinct lack of trees. Why do we have this need to cut it all down, there’s so much work doing so. When you just see miles and miles of bare land, it’s an odd feeling. In Australia it was done in a relatively short time too, probably 50 or so years the bulk of the country got massacred, forests were felled left right and centre. As well as massacring forrests, we too massacred the inhabitants of the land. It’s nuts isn’t it? I mean who in their right mind would imagine doing that could help anyone? I imagine like myself right now, there were men hired to do a job, felt they needed to do the job to survive, they must of believed they had no other alternative and just did the job, like a soldier just doing his job, no questions asked. “It’s the way it is”, well no, it’s just what we choose to do.

Then you see cows huddling in the heat under the shade of one tree in the vastness of empty space filled with dry grass. Why not have some more trees, some more water holes to at least make the cows’ life somewhat more bearable before they get slaughtered? But you know most of the time these animals are just left in the stark heat often without even a tree. In my opinion, how we treat animals that can’t stand up for themselves is a good reflection of how we’d treat ourselves. Given the opportunity of being “in charge” of those who will not stand up for themselves we’d do the same as we do to these cows and it’s self evident in the world today, no?

It’s no wonder there’s this creation of scarcity, the food prices go up and up (will dramatically soon enough) and at the same time we have masses of lands managed very poorly, eroding minute by minute and left to waste. To be honest do you think anyone’s going to create jobs that pay a wage equal to this inflation of prices due to scarcity we ourselves create? History indicates otherwise, they’ll be likely another major economic collapse and there won’t be money enough to even keep existing jobs. Think about it, is their really a lack of important work that needs to be done anyway? Just consider all the worked needed to regenerate the land that we’ve messed up. Why not do that with all the people who need work? Why not plant edible food stuff in a way that’s in harmony with nature. There’s jobs and food created and say we did it in a way that’s not needing chemical intervention because you’ve got rows and rows of one type of plant susceptible to damage and poor growth. It’s less overall maintenance, so it’s actually economical in the real sense. We’ve tried the monoculture planting experiment, it doesn’t work, why even try to remedy a broken solution with chemicals that break things even more? Why not try something else? That statement goes for pretty much all our failed enterprises, doesn’t it?

But we just have an insistence that our way is superior, that we know better than nature, than the world God created, so we do it our way and at that we seem even intent to destroy things in our path and we then call it “progress”. What’s up with that?

And money, its a farce isn’t it? It’s a bunch of paper and bits of metal, even numbers on a screen and it means so much to us, we’ll snarl and bite to get our hands on it but then you have a few who can just print it whenever they feel like it anyway. No biting necessary. It’s also another great way to inflate the price of everything and maintain a centralised control of the whole circus for the same few. And we just go along with it. Weird.

It has struck me for a very long time just how far away we invest energy in doing things that actually benefit us. We do invest a lot time and resources on things that benefit us the least actually, and that’s not just human nature by the way, it’s a choice we make. It’s not just your choice or our choice, it’s my choice too, and all we really need to do is look at the result of our choices and say to ourselves, say to myself – “Is this what I really want?”. If it’s not, simply put, my choices are not that aligned to what really benefits me, so I’ve got to align them closer to my own benefit to be happy. That makes sense.

But this is not the choices of the happiness cure we are being sold everyday like on TV, it can’t be, because each person is unique. What I’m pointing to is what benefits our hearts, it’s what makes us grow in our souls. But how do we know what benefits our souls?

Frankly, even though I’m not always wanting to get advice, if I was to be confused about what choice to make that would benefit me mostly, there’s one being who I know has no investment in the outcome but knows the answer to that very question, and not just that, wants to give the answer to us all the time as a gift.

In the end all I need to do is sincerely ask and sincerely listen and the hand that created me will guide me.

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