fear based mind control

English: Photographs of the Rally to Restore S...

English: Photographs of the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the things that keep us in a state of what Max Igan calls “fear based mind control” (http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL535126AD3761AD80) is the constant anticipation of unprovoked and heightened violence. But the bulk of this type of violence in non war-torn countries like Australia, where I live is perpetuated by people known to the victim, like family or “friends”. So the random stranger violent attack is very rare. On top of that violent crime generally is rare in itself because most of the time people just go about their day without seeing any violence. So the truth is, for most people in non war-torn countries, they won’t experience violent crime perpetuated on themselves in their lifetime. But why is it we’re often on alert for violence to occur, as if its the likely consequence and not the unlikely one?

We love consuming stories about violence, its constantly on TV, its riddled through our newspapers, there’s an ocean of it online and people get even exited sharing what they know about the latest violent crime. Most of our movies too celebrate violence of some form and often its the main theme. I went to get a movie from one of those new DVD vending machines and I swear at least 80% had covers with a guy with big muscles holding a gun. We love it and we fear it too, so in many ways you could say we love to be afraid.

We treasure our fears above the things we say we like doing generally. Just consider the fact that most people aren’t doing only what they love and most people hardly attempt to make it happen either. It seems what we believe is important to us, isn’t as important as we think and definitely not as important as our fears, which we seem to live by more often. You might say fear is up there at the top of our priority list of things to do. I listened today to an audio where Jesus said just that. He mentions something along the lines that for the most part, our daily lives demonstrate that fear is our treasure and yet we believe its a whole bunch of other things. There’s much more said than that, so its worth a look. (http://www.divinetruth.com/Audio/Event/2012/20121216%20The%20Human%20Soul%20-%20What%20Is%20Your%20Treasure.mp3 YouTube: http://youtu.be/NzYuybIkHtw).

When we are in fear, we we can be put under a spell very easily, especially when we’re also in denial about being in fear. Its a spell because it seems to make us do everything and anything else just to avoid what brings up our fears. If we had no fear we wouldn’t compromise ourselves, but a lot of us do like an addiction. The result is because we are afraid, we toe the line, and often we toe the line at all costs including the cost of own own joy in life. The result seems to be that many of us have become good non-questioning citizens and the threat of something bad happening to us is just behind that dark corner ready to pounce, so we stay that way. We live with this belief as do our friends, family and those people we see on TV and often we’re so used to it that we don’t even know it’s in us anymore.

But you know, there are questions that go unanswered all the time and we’re only going to find the answer (even just the questions) behind those dark corners we are afraid to go. For example, did you realise in Australia that the Government is a private foreign corporation registered in Washington DC? Why was there no referendum when this occurred and just who are the shareholders of this company? Wouldn’t you expect a hard hitting journalist for say the Sydney Morning Herald would do an big expose on this? Wouldn’t you expect that good tax paying Aussies would want to know who’s got a hand in the pie they help bake?

COMMONWEALTH GOVERNMENT OF AUSTRALIA, business number: cik-0000805157, sic-8880, trading at business address 1601 Massachusetts avenue north/west Washington D.C zip 20036 U.S.A.)

There’s plenty more unanswered questions. For example on the topic of violence, the mass shootings / lone gun man phenomena is one of those reported events that just don’t add up. If fear controls people, its likely that events like this are all about keeping people in fear intentionally and when you consider the evidence is very contradictory for such events, you do have to wonder if thats true. Just read this article from Sott.net in relation to that: http://www.sott.net/article/255766-The-Sandy-Hook-Massacre-Unanswer

Consider on top of that the millions that have been murdered due to false premises that have led to war, like Iraq and the so called non-existent weapons of mass destruction. As far as I’m aware these stunts have been pulled over and over again throughout human history. Because stuff like this happens and many of us just accept it, it seems that we accept the wool being pulled over our eyes too, but if you say you don’t then the question does beg for an answer, why does it keep happening and how far are we prepared to let it continue?

There’s much to learn by how these situations keep repeating themselves and how we respond. How far from being aware of such things or even how far away from wanting to know what’s happening right in front of us are we? This tells us a lot about just how much we are put under the spell of our own making. There’s plenty of lullabies for adults, how far do we want to let ourselves be trampled on before we wake up and see the boot on our faces? George Orwell wrote: “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever

If I believed the world was an ant farm that basically moved to the whim of my behind the scenes input and I want to gauge the level of power I had, I’d poke a stick in the nest and twist just to see what transpires, and that’s just what happens. Those of the psychopathic in nature who pull the strings also pull various stunts to not just keep us in a heightened state of anxiety but to test just how unaware we are and how far they can push. That’s my speculation but look around and you might have a similar one too.

But where to now?

I’d say we have to begin to see ourselves for who we are, see how we too are responsible in this system, how we are a part of its existence, how we’re only at best slightly more awake than the person next to us, and take the steps each moment to be sincere with ourselves, truthful in our words and actions, and that way we’d be closer each day to being a person of integrity. Because in my opinion there’s no small elite group just taking our power unless we are in some way giving our power away. We have to come to terms with the fact that it is our choice that enslaves us, because if you think about it, knowing this truly is the first step in taking our power back. The very idea we are powerless victims of a system beyond our individual control is what makes us controllable. In that state we can only comply, even our running, hiding and fighting is complying too in predictable and self defeating ways.

One person in complete integrity I believe does more than thousands of people, even thousands of truth seekers doing what’s expected. Who was it that said something about the authorities actually want us to react in anger because they know how to deal with that, John Lennon I think. The same goes with fear, I’d even say anger is a product of fear, a reaction to being powerless but a reaction still in fear. Compare that to a person able to stand firm to truth without threatening others, without acting in violence with every single interaction they have on a daily basis. That I believe makes waves. So I’d say we need to develop that in ourselves, by first examining closely just who we are, truthfully and honestly and walking our talk.

We’re bound to fall, and we might not have a lot of integrity to begin with, but its a matter of picking ourselves up again. That’s what I believe is going to dismantle the the crazy world we live in, people consistently and fearlessly standing for what’s true and seeking to know all the time what that is in the same process.

There’s no use to wait for someone else to do it for us, “be the change we want to see in the world” said Gandhi.

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