Is Bill Loyer Jim Morrison?

I don’t know about this one, but for some reason it sparked my interest. Could be that the movie “Eddie and the Cruisers” stuck in my child’s head. It was about a singer in a band that faked his own death.

I’m rushing now to get off work, so this one’s going to be a quick post…

So, there’s a guy who lives in Oregon called Bill Loyer and he doesn’t really look like Jim Morrison, who was the singer of The Doors, if you don’t know. Now Bill Loyer has been pinned as being Jim Morrison, who then if that’s true, didn’t die but changed his name and became a cowboy. Jim died at the age of 27, but it was under some weird circumstances, so this idea about it being a fake death has been going around for a while.

Now, who knows, and who really cares. I suppose I must, probably it was because I was just recently listening to some Doors music and had read an article about how the 60s 70s music was infiltrated with a counter intelligence program by the FBI. This then led me to reading about the above and wondering about it’s authenticity.

So being a visual person job wise, I stuck the 2 photos in an online face morphing program to see if it makes some kind of sense that Jim would age into Bill.

Below’s the result….


Possible or not? I’m still not sure, we’ll not convinced anyway, but I guess the possibility is as open as it was before. Nothing gained then 🙂

But it got me thinking about something else. The underlying interest for me is how we human being perpetuate and are perpetuated by our own myths. If Bill was Jim, it kind of kills the myth of Jim Morrison.

Not many people would want to kill a myth, do you get my point? Doesn’t matter either way if Bill Loyer is Jim Morrison, because Bill makes Jim seem human somehow, and just like we make our stars (not the one’s in the sky, the ones on the screen), non-human-like, the stuff that breaks this pretence, especially if we’re invested somehow in the pretence, won’t be welcomed.

There’s a reason for all this making others into caricatures of ourselves, it’s nothing new what I’m saying, the idea that we project our unfulfilled hopes and dreams onto others, because it even gives us a sense that it’s more reachable (because we don’t believe it’s in our own grasp)… but it’s just something I was reflecting on.

Now in addition, I’m now waiting for a train, I’ve got a hunch that we’ve been creating myths from the very time we started losing our own capabilities. You know the only using 10% of our brain da de da… The point is the more we lost of ourselves the more myth creation we construct to compensate for it. I’m going to say then all our gods, our angels, devils, UFOs, heroes, archetypes – ancient and modern fall into this category. So our myths rather than being these fantastic pedestals of the human condition are more like signs that point to our crutches we’re using to forget we’re limping. I know that last sentence was a bit wanky, anyway, you might get my point.

26 thoughts on “Is Bill Loyer Jim Morrison?

  1. Kathara

    Interesting, that’s a conspiracy I wasn’t aware of (I only know Bill Compton :/). But if Jim isn’t dead, who’s lying in his grave? Or is it empty?

    1. David Wall Post author

      This is what I read about it (below). What struck me was the guy doesn’t appear to have the motivation to be a fake, but could be reading too much into it. Still I don’t know if he looks like him either, that’s probably more to the point, but hey the effects of age… who knows?

      Oh and the grave, apparently wooden blocks are in it. Feel like doing a grave robbing to check? 🙂 Paris is closer to you.

      Part 1
      Part 2
      Part 3
      Part 4
      Part 5
      Part 6

      1. Kathara

        Well, I’ve been there (Paris is only a couple hours) but the grave is unremarkable compared to the huge tombs around it. What struck me is that people made a shrine out of it, and leave flowers and stuff behind. For a mortal man, who achieved nothing miraculous except sing well and look good in leather pants oO.

      2. Patrick Roe

        Super interesting read, but I can’t help but feel skeptical. Especially with this guy in the headlines lately who somehow got fooled (along with his entire home town, the New York Times, and ESPN) into thinking a made up girl he met online was a real person who died.

        The main thing I don’t understand, the writer of the article says that they have legitimate DNA and fingerprints to compare that would prove or disprove. Why hasn’t that been done?

      3. David Wall Post author

        Yeah I’m rather skeptical too. Honestly they just look like different people, age difference aside. That’s my take for now but still interested in how the story unfolds with the links to that music journos site.

      4. lizardopolis

        David, Andriana did research early on but got creped out and stopped. David Logan is the man you want to talk to as he has been Jim’s friend for years. We have done plenty of photo morphs which you can see on YouTube and at We have been trying to present the truth about Bill Loyer for about 15 years now at our own expense. How can any educated person believe this is myth when there is so much evidence that Bill Loyer is Jim. The question to be answered is simply Who Is Bill Loyer?

      5. David Wall Post author

        Who is Bill Loyer or Jim Morrision? I’m still learning about who I am… Probably best I start there and after that I might spend more time investigating your question. At that point though, I’m sure I might prefer to spend my time on other things.

  2. Laura Berry

    It is a myth until you experience it 🙂 God was a myth until i experienced it, spirits were a myth until i experienced it. Ufo’s were a myth until i experienced it. There is a lot of truth in myth and a lot of untruth, so for me it is seeking the thread of truth through my own investigation and experience and building upon it with more investigation and experiences which has lead to getting closer to the answers to some of these ‘conspiracies’. I have noticed there is always a reason these ideas or theories start anyway. Someone usualy had some experience they cant explain and it goes from there. Unless it is a theory to manipulate others and get others to do something that the person who started it wants them to do. Maybe the jim morrison fake death, was started to keep people interested in him, to keep buying things, or maybe the person who started couldnt accept he had died and had to keep him alive somehow, or maybe someone actualy saw something and knows something is up. The point for me is how much do i want to know, and how would it help me grow as a person, well with god, spirits and ufos it has helped me grow, but i dont see how jim morrisons death will help my soul progression so i haven’t researched it. There is a simple way to find out however… Try channelling him or find someone who can, get no answer he is still alive. hehe hugs x

    1. David Wall Post author

      You experiences UFOs? I could be wrong but I imagine them as paranormal or basically human beings that originated from earth but not another planet. I’d say its the same with what people used to call demons – people that mask their real appearance to be seen as somehow “higher” in the food chain.

  3. Patrick Roe

    Can’t decide how I feel about Bill Loyer. On one hand I agree with you, that regardless if he’s the real deal or not his existence messes with the legend.
    On the other hand, I can never shake the truth that I was born exactly 20 years after his alleged time of death; down to the year, month, day, hour, and minute (I found this out well after I was already an avid Doors listener). I have my own theories on what it could mean (if anything) but regardless, is it not a phenomenal coincidence? I usually don’t share, but you seem like somebody who could appreciate the bizarre nature of it.

    1. T-Dub

      Any knew news on this? Just seems like there is more evidence that it is Jim rather than. The only negative I see is Jim had a mole on the left side of his face close to the bottom of his nose….

  4. Jack

    Total bull shit, Loyer is a Latino, once in jail, con man, has about 6 kids, there was once even a newspaper report on him back in the late 80s where he was living out of his car. The man is a fraud, same with David Logan, Gerald Pitts and this JLizard nut who is on just about every Jim Morrison forum touting the con.

    1. David Wall Post author

      How did he go from living out of his car, in jail and having 6 kids to owning a substantially sized ranch doing hobby horse breeding? It’s a legitimate question, it just seems odd. I don’t know either way, just open, but to be honest I don’t have much of a desire to find out much more about it.

    2. Jlizardopolis

      Thanks Jack, I know you’re slamming me here but just the fact that you mention my name amidst Logan Pitts and Jim AND the fact that you have no proof to back up your claim and we that we present plenty makes me greatly appreciate your post. Why doesn’t David Wall site any references? Did he go up and interview Jim, does he think he is the first one to do this “photomorphing” or is he afraid to mention or contact Pitts or Logan who last I heard were taking phone calls on their own time whenever they were available. I think Walls is the hoax and again I am honored that you mentioned me Jack.

      1. David Wall Post author

        To be honest, if Bill is Jim, that’s fine by me, if Bill is Bill and not Jim, that’s also fine by me. Personally what’s troublesome is how people are for whatever reason elevated above others and how people identify themselves with those they elevate. That’s mostly what the theme of this post was about, not so much about investigating a claim.

  5. Jack

    What a load.JLizard and David Logan have be been promoting this con for years now. And they’ve been found out. William Loyer is nothing more than a pawn in the game. He is NOT Jim Morrison. I now met the man and by far he’s too short, too ugly, has darker eyes and nothing at all like the late great Door’s singer/poet JM. Give me a break Lizardman, you’re a snake oil salesman.

  6. tarasinherheadagain

    I’ve been researching the whole Bill Loyer/Jim Morrison theories and I’m slightly obsessed at the moment. 😉 I mean, the shape of the chin, the dimples…they are a match. Bill doesn’t seem to have a reason to make this up. He’s married to a retired doctor, he supposedly writes poetry (which I’d love to read). There seems to be something to it all. Personally, I would love more than anything for Jim to still be alive. He was brilliant, articulate and insightful. He was beyond a “musician.” If it is true, I wish he would come out and talk about it. He could do it on his own terms at this point in his life.

  7. Jack

    By the way, the website is no longer up. You’ve been outed, David Logan, and your conman cohort, JLIzard. This rests the game. Give it up Lizard, you and Logan have been sussed out into the open so you’re running for the hills. No one is interested in this fraud anymore. Leave the (mortal) JM to rest in peace as well with the music. You can no longer profit of them. Fare well.

    1. Anonymous

      I believe it could be jim morrison..they have alot of same features in the nose, mouth around mouth.. and that guy could be in his 50’s you take another 16 years there you go..I do know one thing if jim had died in paris it was all handled wrong..I’ve never seen no death ever handled in that manner but elvis and his was handled better then jim..I believe he didn’t die in paris I think he went on to do other things or he been in prison or dead…his music career was in the dumps and that life style it was a no win..I think it’s jim morrison my opion..and it was a way to let people know what really happened to him and he could disappear just that easy again… god bless jim and his family and the doors..they were the best that ever lived,, very special…

    2. Rob S.

      Actually, the pics were taken in the 90’s Dan, so that would make him in his 50’s at that time, which looks about right for the photos. Not agreeing that they are authentic or not, just saying!

  8. Jack

    The game is up, over, Logan and JLizard are muted. Same with Loyer, no longer in the eye of the public domain. The issue, like (the mortal Jim) are dead.

    1. David Post author

      What the public believe or don’t believe has little bearing on the facts. Why anyone believes something so strongly regardless of the facts or lack of them is more interesting, don’t you think?


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