A lullaby for adults

Now is all that matters, no past, no future, just now. Picture a flame in a raging fire. Can you imagine the flame concerning itself with how it came to be where it is, or questioning itself on whether it is or it is not important?


Would a flame ask, did I do everything I set out to do?

No master, a flame would not.

Or would a flame look to the future in fear, worried about the day when there is nothing more for it to burn and its time has come to be extinguished?

No master a flame would not fear the future.

Do you see the folly of not being in the present? If a simple flame that lives in constant turmoil, that can be extinguished in any moment, burns on, yet not only burns but dances, how much more could we, intelligent and free beings do even in turmoil?

So much more master!

But the question is what will you do?

I will burn and be a source of light and warmth for all those who come into contact with me no matter how difficult my life becomes…

Good, you may go… Rest now.

Thank you master.

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