A winding road


I had a comment the other day from an anonymous person who made some claims about me and about what I believe. I’ve had a few of these in the past but not for a long while.

It got me thinking about how we make definitive assumptions about other people and often we don’t want to even ask the person what they think about the assumptions we’re making about them. Is that fruitful to discovering the truth about someone, logically speaking?

The person for instance who shared an opinion anonymously, made a few false accusations that in actual fact could have been easily cleared up by asking me directly as a primary source. I’m happy to answer any question about myself, the evidence of that is that I comment back to most comments and its clear to see on this blog. Why too offer an opinion anonymously? I’d say there’s a big thing about wanting to evade being personally responsible.

So if a person would want to verify something, wouldn’t the direct source be the first place you’d want to try? Of course I might lie to that person in which case, secondary sources would need to be used to investigate further. But if we really cared to know about another person and form an objective opinion, would we not go to the primary source, when that primary source is clearly available? A lot of times many of us would rather not go to the primary sources. If we did want that, our gossip magazines would have no content, they’d be full of empty pages. Well then again, they’re rather empty as it is.

Most of the time though, we prefer to “find” material that proves an opinion we already have, and we call this “investigating”. How is it possible to find truth, if truth is really just an inconvenience to proving our pre-existing opinions? That’s a very winding road to get to the truth or maybe I’m being too kind, it’s way of the track.

This approach to truth is more like being on a mouse wheel and convincing ourselves and others we’re travelling along a road going somewhere but we’re not even going anywhere, we go round and round and that’s about it, worse we’re really going backwards because life grows and moves forward, and while we’re running on the spot, we’re really falling behind.

The commenter mentioned I have a “guru”. Funny thing is that on the same post I mentioned how mistaken it is to avoid our personal responsibility by placing it on another, like a guru. I actually mentioned the word guru specifically. Perhaps the person didn’t read the whole post? Perhaps it wouldn’t matter.

Anyway, my first thought was, “who is my guru?” I had to think about that for a little while, because I don’t have one. Then I realised that it must be Jesus aka AJ Miller, because I wrote a few posts about him. That one’s easy to clear up, no – Jesus is not my guru, the whole idea of a guru places another equal human being above others, which makes no sense when I firmly believe that men and woman are each unique but equally valuable.

Gurus, priests, CEO, presidents, masters, angels, Hollywood actors, billionaires, army generals, spirit entities, bosses, champion golfers, mr universes, popes etc. are NOT above any other person in any way shape or form. Our whole conception of this being the case actually sets us up to be subservient to others. It creates our fictitious hierarchies and that’s a very convenient thing for a few, those of us who desire such a system and positions of authority based on fear.

I don’t want to be a 3rd party for Jesus either, so if a person wants to know about Jesus’ ideas on gurus, or why Jesus claims to be the same man in the new testament, again go to the primary source, don’t assume, ask him and not me. This goes the same for anyone, if you care to know what Lindsay Lohan’s views are on life, if that’s of real significance to you, go to Lindsay. If you can’t or won’t it’s best to acknowledge you haven’t got the full picture, and understand then your opinion is lacking while input from the primary source is lacking too. The same goes for our opinions on God.

That’s a good place to be, I feel, knowing our opinions of others are lacking the complete picture, otherwise we’re heading down the slippery slop of arrogance at full speed. I should know, I’ve had to confront much of my own arrogance and I know there’s plenty more of it to go.

Speaking too of authorities, God being the creator of us equal people has authority, wouldn’t you say? But God’s authority couldn’t be one that’s of seeking power or control because we have been created with complete free will. If God wanted to control us why give us free will? We’ve got so much free will we can use it to do harm to others and ourselves or to not do harm to others and ourselves. We’ve just spend the majority of our time experimenting with our free will towards harm and disharmony. I’m hoping we all start experimenting in the opposite direction, see where that takes us for a while…

But this doesn’t mean we can’t learn from others, I’ve learnt a lot from others, but they are not above me in terms of value, they have authority on their particular subjects, but this doesn’t mean they are of a higher standing or an authority over my free will, no one is, God isn’t either.

If we consider that logically – if God created our free will then it wouldn’t make sense God intended to destroy it. Imagine I wanted to build a house for myself with the intention of burning it down straight away. It’s nonsensical and its not even an economic use of my own energy. Why would a creator that creates systems that are economical and self sustaining have us as the only exception in the whole universe? Why? There’s no sense in that belief. No sense = nonsense.

So back to the blog and comments. If someone wants to comment anonymously and make definitive claims without a sincere desire to be open to those claims being mistaken, it’s clear the intent is just to attack. I’m not going to give anyone a platform to attack from here on in. Why? Because the fact that we give people open invitations to attack ourselves and others achieves one thing – it gives our allowance and approval to the world to be one of violence and suffering for many many people. That’s not the world I want to help create. You?

8 thoughts on “A winding road

    1. David Wall Post author

      For sure, but that was clearly not a considered response. Turns out too I know the person, he commented again with another more direct personal attack on me, it’s obvious the intention is not to make a considered response.

  1. Laura Berry

    So true, i have always gone to the person claiming something i wish to investigate as truth for myself, going secondary isn’t realy definitive as you haven’t experienced an exchange with the source (if that makes sense). As for anonimity sure it is someones free will to remain anonymous but how can what they say be credible if identity is being hidden, makes you wonder what else they are hiding. So i can’t take anonymous people in fully, though i will investigate what they say if it does make some sense to me, but i probably wont go through them, Don’t know if it is an injury or the right way to look at it. But i find it gets me my own personal experience going to the source and ultimatly a much better understanding. Hugs x

      1. David Wall Post author

        That’s a great list…. actually really thorough!

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        Here’s the marketing blurb:

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