Programs as our will and spirit forests

I’m getting the idea of how it is that our will is free and how that’s linked to personal responsibility, but I’m still uncertain about what it means to say we haven’t really experienced our free will to the full extent.

Good morning my brother, as I earlier said there’s a couple of ways we can look at free will. One is that we all have the gift of free will and our responsibility for this goes hand in hand with our awareness of ourselves as the ones who operate our will. Its when we know that we are the ones pushing all the buttons, lets say, that our free will and our full responsibility for its use starts. It’s somewhat a more gradual process though as I’ve earlier described, but there is a definite point when we have developed our will enough to use it freely.

Concerning though the other way to look at the use of our free will, the thing is, if we actually look at how most people are using their will, it’s more often than not in a very prescriptive way. We can for example take a look at the threat of harm or death that might be perpetuated upon a person as we covered also earlier. Unfortunately we can predict that most of the time the majority of people when under extreme forms of threat will do things to themselves or to others which they normally wouldn’t do. You might have a person who has never murdered another person in his whole life but is totally capable of murdering another person in an extreme threat situation like this. You could then look at that person and imagine you could see the fear that they have in them and then you would know that in this particular situation, they would take that particular action. So if the situation was one where this person’s only way of avoiding their own death or intense harm was to kill the perpetrator of the threat, we could know with a strong certainty that they would commit murder.

I’m using this example, which is a rather strong example to show how this sort of thing works in a very easily recognisable way but to be honest our will is prescriptive in ways that appear to be very subtle to us and so actually are very hard to detect while we in the midst of using our will in very predictable ways.

What it’s like is that our emotions that we hold on to have a whole set of given responses to whatever particular situation triggers them. This is of course applicable only while we’re still holding on to them. So it’s like we have a set of – if this happens then this type of response occurs etc. It’s very much like conditional statements, which is a way to program computers, and that’s where we’d say something like if this condition exists, then this action or program will be executed, but if this other condition exists, then another program will execute related to that and so on. So for us, it’s like we have ourselves walking around as live programs while we’re hanging on to our particular core set of emotional injuries and so if we could see these program’s and understand the code behind them, we could very easily and with a strong certainty predict a persons day to day actions.

And that’s not really using our free will?

That’s right, our free will in its purest form is nothing at all like that. It’s not predictable at all, it’s free and very expressive and to be honest very very powerful. When our will is free like that its creating all the time, not with thoughts and strategies mind you, it doesn’t need all that, to be honest those things would get in the way, it’s just done via our feelings and all those feelings are in complete harmony with love. What we create then are only things that are not only very beautiful but are also extremely useful because they fulfil a particular purpose. It is very hard for us in our current state to conceive of this but whether we can conceive of this or not, this happens all the time and each of us has the ability to create in this way.

What type of things get created?

In the spirit world for instance their are dimensional spaces that far exceed the scope and size of what we have on earth. And there are places that have been created by the people who inhabit these areas that are literally amazing to look at. There’s vast forest landscapes for example similar in a way to the forests you saw on that movie Avatar with luminous colours and lights, and there’s millions of species of plants and animals that don’t exist anywhere on earth and they are very very real mind you, they’re not some type of projection or made of ethereal material as some people have imagined.

So these animals have been made by people there?

Yes many have, but there’s also many that are animal spirits from earth too, so you’ve also got all the animals that ever have lived on earth including ones that are now extinct on earth that have a place in the spirit world and as we talked about all newly created plants and animals created by people are there too.

Honestly I find it a beautiful idea but I’m finding it difficult to believe, why would that be like this for me?

Of course it’s going to be difficult to conceive of things that we ourselves haven’t experienced but for you and actually most people, its not that the experience is completely foreign because as children in our sleep state we frequently visit such locations, but there’s a whole set of emotions that block us from the memory of these events and also block us from experiencing them again too.

Ok thank you that sort of makes sense, I know there was a lot more to cover which I’ll add to another post, but thanks again and good night.

Good night my friend.

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