Is our will really free?

I was wanting to know about this idea of free will, I edited a part of what I wrote the other day saying something to the affect that we are yet to experience our real free will. I wanted to know a bit more about how that is?

There’s a couple of ways to look at this. The first way is that we all have free will and once we’ve developed our will enough to the point where we become from God’s perspective responsible for our will, let’s call it adulthood, but this is not adulthood from man’s perspective mind you because when that occurs that can vary depending on cultures or who it is that defines that, this is God’s perspective we’re talking about. So when we are an adult from God’s perspective, we are now sufficiently developed in our will to be responsible for it. When that happens, we have enough practice with our will at that point to understand that it is us that makes choices about what we do and not anyone else. So once we grasp that, or more closely it’s a knowing we have, that it’s our own will, we can say our will is developed enough to be free.

So is this like a moment we suddenly realise and then become adults in God’s view?

No not really, it’s rare anything like that would happen, what mostly happens is we slowly develop our understanding of ourselves as individuals, in a way that we’re no longer only responding automatically to emotions we pick up from people around us, usually they’re our parents’ emotions when we are children, but it can also be anyone’s in our vicinity including spirits. So over a period of time we become less and less automatically reflecting what’s around us and more and more involved in the process. So its when we transition to a point where we are totally able to decide within ourselves when we do or don’t do something, its then a responsibility for what we do comes, and it comes hand in hand with that awareness we now have.

So what if a person who is an adult doesn’t want to be responsible and say let’s others make decisions for them?

Then at some point there has been a decision made in that person not to be responsible and so that person in a sense relinquished his or her responsibility over to another, and there’s plenty of people and spirits who’d be happy to step in and make decisions for anyone willing to give them the ability to do that. The reality is there is a decision process happening all the time in us, so if we do this we’re still using our will to relinquish our will but we can do this over a long period of time and do this often, if we want to, and after a while we can even be not so aware of it anymore, in the sense that we have willingly placed ourselves in the background. Although however far we might be able to tune ourselves out of our own will, we’re still actually making the decision to do this and not just once but over and over again and so from God’s perspective, we’re just as responsible for our own will as another person who chooses not to relinquish their will in this way. And you know there are people that can stay in such a state for large periods of their lives and its sad really because its a state of being in fear that perpetuates that state, and so their condition degrades because of that and it’s often without them realising.

Is it a fear of being responsible that makes this happen?

Its not just a fear of responsibility, it’s often a deep seated feeling of having been rejected for being just who we are, as we are, so you can see that this opens people up to be willing to let others be themselves, which is actually not possible anyway when you think about, because the truth is no one can ever make you do something, they can use fear to push you to do something, which is what a threat is all about but no one can ever make you do something without you going along with it.

What about when others threaten to harm you or people you love?

People ask this question a lot and why that is – is because there is a lot of fear in us but the truth is that going along with any type of threat, ever, in the direction away from what we would otherwise do, which is what the threat intends, has never actually created anything good. What it has done is led us as a human race historically to go down a very dark path. This is what essentially war is all about when you break it right down. It’s where one country threatens harm and death to all our loved ones collectively in another country so that the second country will do what the first country wants. Using violence or going along with violence will never solve anything, and all we really have to do for proof of that is to look at human history, because that’s what we’ve mostly done to solve problems, and all it’s really done is create a series of new and in fact harder problems to solve. That’s the macrocosm and its not different to the microcosm where a person threatens another individual or his or her loved ones with harm or death.

So you’d just do nothing?

We’ll no, doing nothing is more like going along with violence, that’s not what I’d suggest. What I’d suggest and what I’d do is remain in truth, stand up and not compromise on love no matter what is being threatened even death. Because in the long run, even while most of us have no experiential experience of the fact, there is really no death but there is certainly fear and there is certainly love that carries on irrespective of whether you’re alive on earth or in the spirit world, so if we knew that, if we really knew that, then the threat of something immaterial, which death essentially is, would have no influence on us anymore.

Thanks I understand what you’re saying, still I wouldn’t want to be in that position myself.

That’s because you haven’t really come to that understanding yet in your heart but that’s OK given the majority of the world hasn’t yet either but it’s just something to be aware of in yourself.

There’s a lot for me to let sink in there, but thank you. I’d like ask about the other part of how to view free will later on if that’s alright?

Of course, good night my brother

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