What’s a buffer got to do with our collective condition?

I didn’t really understand this idea of a collective condition, and how this creates a buffer for us, can you explain this to me?

Yes I can give you an example which might help. Say you walk into a crowd of people and everyone in the crowd would be talking in a language that you understand except every fourth word or so was unrecognisable. This would make your interactions very difficult. Then you walk into another crowd, and there, all the words you hear, you know, and so you instantly recognise everything you hear, so you find that environment much easier to be in.

In the first example, you might be under a lot more stress compared to others around you, and from the outside, you’d be living a very difficult life if say that’s all you could experience. In the next example, things are a lot more pleasant for you and it’s not because you are personally any different, you’re just in a place and around people you can recognise, so the stress that was coming up before is no longer apparent.

The world can often be like the first example for many people. There’s collectively more fear amongst people than love in the world right now, and because of that, living and acting from fear rather than love can appear to make things run more smoothly. So for a person who doesn’t have it in themselves to go along this way and is basically doing things more loving than what the majority is choosing to do, life can can appear much more difficult and often times will be.

The next example then is more akin to spirit life, because there, we are essentially matched in location and with others who have an aligned condition. So if you are a person who has a fair bit more love within you in comparison to those around you while you were on earth, things would be generally more harmonious in the spirit world for you.

So for a person this situation fits, the pain experienced was exacerbated while living in a collective condition of many people who are living in more fear than they are with love. And so for a person who is most in harmony with the collective condition, which we said is in a fair amount of fear, this person’s life might appear to run smoothly, and so he can potentially, on the surface at least experience a delay from the effects of his true condition.

So it doesn’t matter in the long run how easy things are for us now because later it won’t be?

Well yes that’s right to some extent. There is a buffer due to the collective condition, but this does not remove the effects of our own actions upon ourselves, upon the condition of our own soul when we choose to do loving or unloving things. All our choices have immediate effects, so there’s no real delay. This means there’s no gain in staying in fear by waiting and choosing love only after we die, or likewise there’s no reward that only comes to a loving person when they move into spirit life.

When we choose love right now, often we might be confronting our own fears, and this might not initially feel good, but the reward is immediate because our soul is rejoicing and it is literally expanding when we do that and this also means our life starts changing as a result, for the better. So the idea that its better for us to wait to do what we know in ourselves is the most loving choice and then not acting on that, is an illusion and its actually an excuse that’s coming from avoiding fear, avoiding being confronted by fear. That’s just what love will do, confront all our fears one by one until we’re able to release them from ourselves. So it’s a good indication for yourself that if your life at present doesn’t have you confronting some type of fear in yourself, then there’s likely a lack of love because love itself is never static, it’s always promoting of growth. The only thing that creates stasis in our lives is fear.

Ok thanks, this makes more sense now

You’re very welcome!

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