Conversation about free will and God

What determines whether we feel God and God’s love for us?

Our true will determines whether we receive God’s love or not. This is because every moment God wants to give love to us, so when we don’t feel this love or when we don’t feel God being present in a real sense, then it can only mean that at that very moment it’s not what we really want.

So if I say to myself that I want to feel God, will that help?

In some ways yes, this can help with developing our desire in that direction but this can only go so far because our will is not something we construct with our minds, it can only come from our hearts and so our true will is our hearts’ real desires and longings and these are always answered. Even if we believe we want something different and even when we might convince ourselves otherwise, all our experiences align completely with our will, so our beliefs won’t directly affect our will.

If my will affects everything in my life, how can I change it for the better?

It’s only the extent of our love or the depth of harmony our will has with love that determines how much joyful experiences we have in our lives. So we can take more loving actions and less unloving actions to move in a direction that’s more in harmony with love and there is never a time when we can’t shift our will in this direction. This is why it is called free will because we have the freedom to make this choice every single moment and so we are also completely responsible for our own will.

So why is God’s love important?

If the extent of our love determines how much joy we have and if we can imagine that the highest form of love is God’s love, then it follows that when our will is in harmony with God’s love, this bring us the most joy to us in the fastest way possible.

Does this mean people who seem to have a lot of pain are less loving or less closer to God?

Not exactly. Sometimes when we hear such things, we can often make the mistake of judging our own and others’ level of pain as a measure of how much love we or they have. However we have to first remember that while we are still finding it difficult to know our own true condition past the surface of ourselves, then it’s unlikely we can know more than a fraction of anyone else’s condition. So our measures about how much love another has or how close they may be to God will be superficial and likely when we’re seeking to judge others, they’ll be skewed as well.

But what we’re also disregarding is how much influence our collective condition has on a person’s life. Our collective condition can either soften or exacerbate how much pain or joy we’re able to feel. So people born into poverty who have a lot of physical and emotional pain for example, can be using their will in far more loving ways than others who appear to have less physical and emotional pain. And because of this, we would be wrong to make these type of judgements. So from this perspective we can also say that there is a type of buffer that allows us to not be able to see and also feel our true personal condition which exists in our earthly life.

When you say earthy, does this mean it is different when we die?

Yes, it’s a little different in the spirit world because there is little to no delay on the effects of our will, and because of this, many people become surprised when seeing their true condition for the first time because on earth we become very accustomed to the superficial and the false beliefs and representations we hold for ourselves. Therefore the truth about our condition comes often as a shock.

While many people see themselves in a more loving condition than they really are, it happens too that others who see themselves in a much worse place, are pleasantly surprised to find themselves in a much better condition than they previously believed. What is often the case is those who are heavily invested in a particular view of their own condition, one that feeds a perceived sense of superiority over others, like for example a person who takes a high rank within a religious / spiritual group or tradition, often find their transition much more difficult. So it is important for us not to be deluded by how much our addictions are met by others, as this often leads to a false and often a completely opposite view of our own true condition, both when we are alive and while we transition to our spirit life.

It is also sometimes believed that the provisions of earthly life, that I earlier described as a buffer that allow unloving actions to be perpetrated by us without consequences and immediate correction is God’s error in design and so is proof of an unloving God. Many ask from this viewpoint why it is that this provision is removed only in the spirit world and why was harm allowed to be perpetuated upon us on earth with this provision in place?

This viewpoint is understandable while we don’t fully grasp the law of cause and effect and the gift of free will given to us by God but once we begin to see the truth of these things in our hearts, God’s love and God’s loving design becomes abundantly clear.

Firstly, while we may not see direct consequences, every feeling, thought and action has a direct consequence upon our soul. Every unloving act causes an immediate effect upon us in a negative direction, and so every loving act causes an immediate effect upon us in a positive direction.

A good example we can use is what happens to our body after ingesting a poisoness substance. When a person consumes it, it injures his or her body directly, and how much so relates to how much this person consumes. The effect will always be that a person’s overall health will be more depleted than before this event occurred. When smaller amounts are consumed, we may not notice the effects immediately, but the effects are nevertheless immediate upon our body. It happens likewise with the effects upon our soul, every choice we make has a direct consequence upon us, whether or not we are living on earth, living as a spirit on earth or living in the spirit world. It is also true that the effects, while they may appear to be more apparent in spirit life, can be felt directly and immediately if we are sensitive to our true feelings no matter where we are located. In this sense it is not so much where we are but how sensitive we are that determines how much we notice the effects of our feelings, thoughts and actions upon our soul.

So this buffer isn’t really a buffer?

Yes, because while the provision that allows us to experience effects in a more delayed way exists within our earthly lives, it does so in appearance only.

So what’s the point of this provision if its not really there?

This has a lot to do with the way God has designed us to develop our will. We first need to understand that our will is a very unique and powerful gift and so the reason for this provision and our earthly lives generally has much to do with God’s gift of free will given to us. God’s desire for us is to learn to use this very precious gift that we all have and for us to understand about how it’s best use will always be in the direction of love.

When we understand too that our free will is a gift given to us by God, and we understand that a gift given with love and enduring with love cannot be taken away, then we may begin to see how it is that God has provided ways for us to learn and develop our will and become fully responsible for it.

When a newborn child begins to crawl, a loving parent always encourages her child to explore, while creating provisions like a safe play area to limit the child’s potential to fall for example. A loving parent in this example wouldn’t leave a newborn child to crawl nearby a large ditch so that he might learn to better navigate while he crawls. It is similar with the gift of free will and the environment and laws God has provided for us to learn about its use.

So God gives us the gift of free will but doesn’t intend to force, or coerce our will towards love. To do so would no longer be an act of love, and if forced, it could not be a choice from our hearts anymore, nor could it be any longer our free will. Yet God has provided provisions for us to freely develop our will, in fact God has provided the entire universe for this, all the laws that govern the universe and us in it, all our sensitivities and faculties, and in truth an abundance of other ways for us to discover and develop our free will towards love. So it is God’s sincere desire that we learn about this gift, that we come to see it as ours alone, that it will never be taken from us, and that with this gift comes our greatest power, our greatest responsibility and our greatest potential for joy when it is aligned with love.

I understand this at least in my head, and so I try to seek for God’s love but I have a lot of trouble with this most of the time. What am I doing wrong?

A good way to look at this is to consider what happens when we want to build a relationship with other people around us. When we develop a relationship in real sense, it is not guided by first seeking love from that person, but having a sincere desire to really know this other person. So, when we seek for God’s love alone, because we desire joy for example, this can often be coming from a need to remove pain from our lives, and so love is not what we are really seeking from God, but reprise.

So, say for example another person was to seek love alone from you, and not seek to know you. You might feel that the person is really just taking from you in such an interaction. So unless you have a compatible need, you couldn’t persevere with this type of interaction, and as God has no needs but only loving desires, God likewise couldn’t interact in such a way. So because God loves us, God wont fulfil our addictions because to do so would not be giving of His love.

So does this mean sometimes when I believe I feel God that I’m not really?

In the case when we feel love while seeking only God’s love in a way that seeks to escape pain, this love we might feel would not be love from God but a feeling from another person or spirit. This is because God can never be out of harmony with even the basic principles of love.

What then should I do differently?

It is always best for us to go back to what we really understand in our hearts. So to know how we might develop a relationship with God, we can look at how we might begin a relationship with another person and look back to our own experiences to see what we felt and did when the desire for a relationship was at its most pure or strongest in us. A good example for you might be when you first truly fell in love.

Yes, with Maja, my wife, I felt like I just really wanted to know everything about her and to be able to share everything about me…

So when you sincerely desired to pursue this relationship with Maja, you wanted to know everything about her and you automatically wanted to open yourself up, to share everything about yourself to her too. And this is how we know that it is love that drives us, because love opens us up and allows us to be really willing to give of ourselves while at the same time we seek to know and feel the other person to the full extent of our capability. In fact love actually takes our desire to reach beyond what we believe we are capable of doing and here we can really see how the power of our will is directly aligned with love.

I really learnt a lot too about myself then, why was that?

To come closer to Maja and develop a real relationship with her, do you remember how needed to be much more humble than you were before?

Of course I was just reflecting on that, I made that song with the lyrics… “the 16 year old guru will come and follow you, take you to the depths of love where you’ll find only you, she’ll pull you to your knees and take you by your hand, no more feeling like a god, no more feeling grand”

And you couldn’t have that desire if not for love, yet you can see how it also aligned with your desire to know Maja.

How so?

Because while you were able to open up to yourself and become more humble to our own feelings, then you automatically became more able to feel Maja’s feelings and so you were able to know her much more closely as well, which was your will all along.

Ok, so we can apply this to developing a relationship with God?

Yes. Firstly as we know to begin with that God is completely open, even if that’s just a concept for us at this stage, it then stands to reason we are the ones only required to be open, both to our own feelings and to the feelings from God towards us. So we can begin with even the smallest desire to know God and if that’s sincere, even in a small way, we will feel this and this will still change us in a positive and tangible way. So when that happens this will assist us to develop our desire to know God further and so that will happen in a stronger sense and so on. So we can start with a very small desire and this can become much more developed in a very short time while we stay sincere with the process.

So after a while, when we feel more of God’s feelings towards us, we understand God’s love is not something to seek, as God’s love for us has never refrained, so we cannot truly seek what is in front of us and is always offered to us. But what we can feel is where our beliefs and associated feelings close ourselves off from God’s love for us, and so we can say that God’s love shines a light on our pain and heals our heart. A helpful picture or analogy is the butterfly freshly coming from its cocoon with its wings dampened and curled up which thaw out and unfold when exposed to the light of the sun.

Where our wings were crinkled and unformed, God straightens, perfects and expands so we can fly and experience the heights of our true freedom of will and this is what God’s love offers us.

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