A couple of new songs

I’ve been doing some singing lessons with a guy called Brian from Gig’s Waiting (http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/newtown/musicians-artists/singing-lessons-sydney-inner-sydney-newtown/311792868). Some of things he talks about really makes sense to me – from what I’m at least attempting to do, which is to understand myself more fully and I’m slowly realising that’s got much to do with knowing my real emotions. Some of those things he mentioned are about how a lot of people sing and try to put emotion in their voice, he says what we don’t realise is that to begin with we can’t actually put emotion in our voices and when we’re trying to do that, it can’t be a real emotion anyway or our real voice, but an embellished version. Emotions come out of you, you can’t put them in – he’s also said that a couple of times.

Anyway, the lessons have been really good, I feel like I’ve progressed so much more with my singing than I’ve done by myself, over well the last probably 15 years I’ve been sitting by myself composing songs. I’ve learnt a fair few covers of songs too, that’s what we’re doing a lot of work on. I’ve just got to learn the guitar side properly but really enjoying learning covers – it’s also made me appreciate the songs so much more too. It was Fab (http://fabmusic.com.au/) who first got me thinking about doing that, and I get now why it’s so helpful, I was avoiding it like the plague before, even when I knew things like how one of my favourite artists, John Frusciante used to just sit for hours and hours, just working out how to play every song he could, I mean there’s even a playlist on Youtube dedicated to John’s covers of other people: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1BE8B5F9348EB219

I made a new song the other day and put it up on Youtube. The guitar playing is not right, it’s a fair bit off from what I’d like… but well it’s a work in progress. Here it is (lyrics below):

Holding falling

My love is pure, but I’m not immune, from all my lying, I’m just holding on.
I left my heart, when I tore apart, but I’m not crying, I’m holding on.

Holding, falling

I’m falling home, but I’ve done no wrong, I can’t keep, holding on.

Holding, falling

When I’m beneath, can’t swallow my belief, but I’m just feeling, coz I can’t hold on.

Also, I re-did an older song on the same day. I also put that up (below):

4 thoughts on “A couple of new songs

  1. Laura Berry

    Hiya David, i just wanted to say i like this music, you have improved since the last one! Also enjoying reading your blog posts..You sound like you are making lots of soul discoveries, take care Laura x

    1. David Wall Post author

      Hey Laura, Yeah, its getting better thanks. I’m going try to transpose that new song to a higher key, I reckon it will be easier to sing. Good to hear from you.


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